Ed Stafford Uses Every Part Of A Goat To His Advantage | Ed Stafford: First Man Out

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Ed Stafford faces off against Kiwi survivalist John James in a race across Yunnang Province, China. Dealing with the challenges of high-altitude and a lack of natural resources, the pair have to make the most of their environment if they are to survive and be the first man out. While Ed uses a goat to consolidate his gains, John uses natural remedies to deal with altitude sickness.
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Jake Dasbinich
Jake Dasbinich Dag geleden
Ted Bicard
Ted Bicard Dag geleden
A vampire from Borat, asks skeleton, hey flatmates now awhile, why u not like bumpin night, skeleton sad and dismal in these pull at 💓 string,s stuff. answer Cause ain'toby to got Nobody, go with. Ok on holloween🤓 SMO says yo!
Leeroy J
Leeroy J 3 dagen geleden
Y’all are ridiculous. Yes, the goat was probably put there a little bit ago so once he comes across it, HE CAN SHOW YOU ALL WHAT TO DO.
The Trini Celt
The Trini Celt 5 dagen geleden
Isn’t that a rope on the goats neck? Haha
nathan cruz vazquez
nathan cruz vazquez 5 dagen geleden
messed up to kill a poor goat for peoples entertainment.
Jim slim
Jim slim 4 dagen geleden
It was a paid actor
bletz421 6 dagen geleden
Guy walks down mountain and sees a village kid walks up to him " hey mister have u seen my pet goat I heard him yesterday but he never came home last night
Taufiq Idrus
Taufiq Idrus Dag geleden
saifulbrine ,
saifulbrine , 2 dagen geleden
I have some bad news and a snack for you-
Mooffgamesgamer/Fourfatsgamer 6 dagen geleden
Okay, that’s actually funny
Bisikletli Adam
Bisikletli Adam 10 dagen geleden
Konya ve civarında tarih-i ve gizemli yerleri geziyorum. Bisiklet, bushcraft kamp ve tırmanış videoları çekiyorum. Kurgu yok tamamiyle doğal videolar. Kanalıma beklerim.
Hermit Ally
Hermit Ally 11 dagen geleden
Looks delicious. Unlike the snails he normally eats.
eli goldman
eli goldman 11 dagen geleden
He is eating like a king
Jiaxi Tse
Jiaxi Tse 11 dagen geleden
The mountain goat is gonna meet the island goat in heaven and be like. Goat 1: Paid? Goat 2: Paid.
RandomName 14 dagen geleden
Is it just me or was the hide extremely clean and looked like a shop bought hide when he picked it up to show it after rubbing it with moisture? Didnt look like the same hide he skinned to me
RandomName 9 dagen geleden
Google it and come back to me
Dr Jxke
Dr Jxke 9 dagen geleden
Where can you buy a goat hide, which looked the exact same as the one he killed
Ted Bicard
Ted Bicard 15 dagen geleden
Can't beat nice wild stuff out camping, I recommend marshmallow,s for the kids
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 15 dagen geleden
So random goat just appears?
saifulbrine ,
saifulbrine , 2 dagen geleden
No that a the village Pet's goat
Alfred Paculba
Alfred Paculba 13 dagen geleden
The goat is tied with a rope 😂
NAZMUN NAHAR 15 dagen geleden
I don't eat mutton.
Nightcore來火丫Music丫 19 dagen geleden
Very good ❤😻🧡❤❤❤
Kitten & Dragon Gaming
Kitten & Dragon Gaming 22 dagen geleden
who makes vids like this :(
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 22 dagen geleden
How does a goat come in the middle of the forest lol probably the crew put it there
Android Charger
Android Charger Dag geleden
The random rock kill should of gave it away lmfao
Blake Simpson
Blake Simpson 8 dagen geleden
I agree. The hide looked to be completely cleaned which takes hours and hours
Try Again
Try Again 22 dagen geleden
That shit was funny ash the way he threw it
Luiz Figo
Luiz Figo 22 dagen geleden
He took advantage of that poor goat 💀
bletz421 6 dagen geleden
The goat was staged u could see the rope that was tied to it also
LIMIottertje 22 dagen geleden
2:19 zombies be like
J4shortt Gaming
J4shortt Gaming 22 dagen geleden
That’s nasty lol
James Nieva
James Nieva 22 dagen geleden
Special skin of kimmybi want 204225626(3189)
CrabShackMan 22 dagen geleden
I hate having to kill a goat for this tv show
Ken Kowalski
Ken Kowalski 22 dagen geleden
Oh look a goat someone put there out side my tent!! Amazing!! Lmfao 😑
Dan Illahi
Dan Illahi 22 dagen geleden
Survival yeet!
Arshdeep Cooking class
Arshdeep Cooking class 22 dagen geleden
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Nghĩ mãi mới ra cái tên này đấy ! 22 dagen geleden
Floran James Larona
Floran James Larona 22 dagen geleden
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Floran James Larona 22 dagen geleden
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