Treasure Hunters May Have Found José Gaspar's Pirate Vessel In Florida | Expedition Unknown

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Josh is on a mission to find José Gaspar's hidden treasure. Whilst swimming in Key West, he and a team of specialists find a huge anchor that may have been from Gaspar's vessel.
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Mitch Mckenzie
Mitch Mckenzie 5 dagen geleden
Spoiler alert - he never EVER finds the thing he's looking for, there's never ANY evidence. The guy is such a fraud.
Kevin Sills
Kevin Sills 11 dagen geleden
Where's JAWS when you need him? :)
Troy T Tremblay
Troy T Tremblay 26 dagen geleden
I want his job.. I don’t get paid and I do the same things every day
derek Rohan
derek Rohan 28 dagen geleden
Be ok if the host wasn’t yelling... just talk normally
jrjohnryanjr Maand geleden
Caspar was nothing but a myth
Rain Man
Rain Man Maand geleden
what a dufass...cannot watch anymore of this guys stuff...seems material more designed for a kid.
N Maand geleden
Wow.... I haven't even watched this video and I already think it's bullshit!!!!.... Most of them are....oh yeah and I believe I found Amelia Earhart in my backyard or it could have been a turkey bone from last year..... But I digress.
Bruce Pedersen
Bruce Pedersen Maand geleden
Want more info ! Keep info coming !
Russ Prather
Russ Prather Maand geleden
Its funny he never finds any treasure on his shows
TheTehJoJo Maand geleden
That’s how you know his show is legit. He doesn’t fake findings for views
Gary Howard
Gary Howard Maand geleden
Yea, I was thinking same thing but finding treasures is like hitting the lottery?? Not great odds!! Big ocean out there brother! Good one!
TheOutLaw Carpenter
TheOutLaw Carpenter Maand geleden
That's over drama every thing ! F this show.
Dmitry Bahrt
Dmitry Bahrt Maand geleden
Seth Rogan underwater 😂😂😂
judge Drake
judge Drake Maand geleden
All the shows are lacking follow up. It leaves you to a state of to be continued. Thats why i dont subscribe. Where is the follow.up episode? Did they dig the treasure? Or what?
Constitution_89 13 dagen geleden
Yeah, and I Can't stand this Host or his Overly Excited voice that's always as if he just saw God Himself, he is Really annoying!!
Riley Dallaire
Riley Dallaire Maand geleden
Indiana Josh
Atago Maand geleden
wow, think you found the Titanic !!
Todd Clark
Todd Clark Maand geleden
Love when Josh does these explorers
Sub to me get me to 500 subs
Sub to me get me to 500 subs 2 maanden geleden
Transfer Iowa
Transfer Iowa 2 maanden geleden
Is budget for this show really so shitty that they couldn't even capture the audio from the dive radios?
Transfer Iowa
Transfer Iowa 2 maanden geleden
@shane bushnell I know right!!! It just comes off as so tacky and awful.
shane bushnell
shane bushnell 2 maanden geleden
even worse that they tried to fake it with jubilant overdubs
gazscorpian69 2 maanden geleden
Salty dicks sea shantys,youtube have a listen,(adults only)..🤣
Try Again
Try Again 2 maanden geleden
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio 2 maanden geleden
Still like Josh👍😄
Sansão Francisco
Sansão Francisco 2 maanden geleden
Bus Town BC
Bus Town BC 2 maanden geleden
He wears his Indiana jones hat to make him look official lol
Lindsey Allison Westhaven
Lindsey Allison Westhaven Maand geleden
@Kevin K. NAW - he's a poser wannabe 1930sish Big Bwana Jungle Jim who thinks his Fedora with Safari Shirt look is appropriate boating couture. There are two or three other archaeologists on YT that also sport this same look. = Short Beards, Fedoras, Safari Shirts, Loose Leg Pants, Chucka Boots, and a Musette Bag or Messenger Bag. Don't forget the Wayfair Sunglasses!!!!! Indiana Jones copy cats are a fricking joke.
Kevin K.
Kevin K. 2 maanden geleden
I bet dollars to doughnut holes that you gave yourself that like. The only one you'll get all day. Maybe. Just maybe... he wears it to keep the sun off his head.
uhfnutbar1 2 maanden geleden
not scripted at all . look dummy it piece of archer chain whoo hooo we hit the jack pot
indio peninsulares
indio peninsulares 2 maanden geleden
What kind of english is that?
just a random nerd
just a random nerd 2 maanden geleden
7st comment
Next Gen
Next Gen 2 maanden geleden
People comment on the discovery channel?
Đời Sống MN
Đời Sống MN 2 maanden geleden
Jesse Percifull
Jesse Percifull 2 maanden geleden
I hate this show. I’ve been watching it for a couple years, and he never finds anything! They should call it expedition tease!
Dante Castillo de las Fuentes
Dante Castillo de las Fuentes 2 maanden geleden
At least they don’t lie an hide treasures to get more viewers
Rodan Mohata
Rodan Mohata 2 maanden geleden
indio peninsulares
indio peninsulares 2 maanden geleden
You dont hate it. You been watching it for 2 years. You are hooked
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio 2 maanden geleden
uhfnutbar1 2 maanden geleden
who cares, well U should
who cares, well U should 2 maanden geleden
3rd,thnx awesome adventuring !
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