How To Make A DIY Hydro Generator | Moonshiners

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Mike and Jerry make a DIY hydro generator to light their site during the night so they can produce more liquor and catch up on the lost time they spent setting up the still.
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Ryuseix Dag geleden
he's so hill billy he don't think a motor can produce no damn electricity 😂
Good citizen
Good citizen 2 dagen geleden
Every time I see clips of this show I’m reminded of why I never watch this crappy badly filmed fake show lmao so dumb
Josh 5 dagen geleden
MyJunker Travels
MyJunker Travels 9 dagen geleden
I live in south Carolina. An the moonshine out chere has a very strong and hearty kick to every sip.
Kadek Widi Artana
Kadek Widi Artana 11 dagen geleden
I think mike is that one type of guy who would feel fire to see if it hot
Clasped 12 dagen geleden
Could have just used a old raditor fan instead of tac welding aluminum spoons but let's do it the hard way
Steven Hanover
Steven Hanover 8 dagen geleden
Or ferris wheel at Niagara falls
Human Bean
Human Bean 12 dagen geleden
They didn’t need to do this. Or they did for content
Behind The Wheel
Behind The Wheel 13 dagen geleden
Great content! Keep up the great work. should you have a moment you could swing by my videos 😁👍✨
isaik fortin
isaik fortin 17 dagen geleden
Lol damn that’s super dope
cody leslie
cody leslie 18 dagen geleden
We need some light so we can stay up all night long... also some meth
Dawa Jailani
Dawa Jailani 19 dagen geleden
Frank Mains
Frank Mains 19 dagen geleden
Think motorcycle stator charging system powered by a water wheel rather than a gas motor. U should make sure people understand to use DC lights like headlights and taillights. Seems like a lot of evidence for the lawman to find. U guy's ever make 🍩 flavored shine for breakfast drinkers?
Foldedsoup __
Foldedsoup __ 20 dagen geleden
Hillbilly’s of the future
Ajay walia
Ajay walia 20 dagen geleden
These are true engineering geniuses 🙏🏼
Jacob T
Jacob T 12 dagen geleden
That one guy is a true engineering genius 🙏*
cody leslie
cody leslie 18 dagen geleden
Well just one of them is... ones an idiot
Jodi ST.
Jodi ST. 21 dag geleden
We gotta little prep to do..
ian prososki
ian prososki 21 dag geleden
Welder? That's a harbor freight junky p.o.s.
Aka Clan
Aka Clan 21 dag geleden
I'm Single 😍😥
Andre Tullier
Andre Tullier 11 dagen geleden
I see why
HIGH HAT 22 dagen geleden
Bull sh**
the great white
the great white 22 dagen geleden
This is from last year
Göthan Götay
Göthan Götay 22 dagen geleden
This is creative.
Jason Pettit
Jason Pettit 22 dagen geleden
Pretty smart bill hillies huh boys
FriskyK 11 dagen geleden
Bill hillies. Hmm! You’re smart
EyesOfByes 22 dagen geleden
Can someone explain to me how this show is not *obstruction of justice* ? 😆
Kevin Englisch
Kevin Englisch 7 dagen geleden
@Frank Mains That's a lot of words to say "fake" lol. They're pretending to make alcohol in violation of the law with gratuitous amounts of manufactured drama injected in by Discovery. It's fat, chemical, and sugar-laden junk food for the brain and nothing more.
josejimenez896 7 dagen geleden
@Frank Mains..... So fake
Frank Mains
Frank Mains 12 dagen geleden
@josejimenez896 Not fake, more like reinacted reality or otherwise known as fictionalized non-fiction.
josejimenez896 12 dagen geleden
It's fake lmao
Frank Mains
Frank Mains 19 dagen geleden
@EyesOfByes 🍺 👍
James Walker
James Walker 22 dagen geleden
He can weld with a MIG welder but doesn't fucking understand electricity
Melody Smith
Melody Smith 22 dagen geleden
That’s pretty cool
Mathius Eden
Mathius Eden 22 dagen geleden
He doubted it till he got shocked by it 😂
Chann Savin
Chann Savin 22 dagen geleden
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 22 dagen geleden
0:18 He cursed 😕
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke 22 dagen geleden
Hydro generator cool😀.
Biopics 123
Biopics 123 22 dagen geleden
Literally the 1% people who reading. May your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Live more than 100 year with good health #💖💖 .
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 22 dagen geleden
rony Paik
rony Paik 22 dagen geleden