Saga's Rudder Comes Loose In the Middle Of Huge Storm | Deadliest Catch

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Captain Jake Anderson, Captain of the Saga, discovers that his rudder is loose and risks sinking the ship if not fixed immediately, which is challenging given that they are in the middle of a storm and over 460 miles away from the nearest port. Will the crew be able to patch up their ship and avoid catastrophe?
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Remi Voulon
Remi Voulon 13 uur geleden
Fake and scripted.
Benjamin Allen
Benjamin Allen Dag geleden
Nice job and decision
Josh Chavers
Josh Chavers Dag geleden
Hey looks like he’s on drugs for real.
Cody Burke
Cody Burke 8 uur geleden
U r
Keagan94 2 dagen geleden
Mike Rowe, please come back. Meth mouthed Scots stinks.
David Yisrael
David Yisrael 2 dagen geleden
Jake was a sensation back in the day. Now Ive lost all respect for him.
Omolo George
Omolo George 2 dagen geleden
In Kenya, crabs are found in the mangroves, in the mud, no crab in the deep sea.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 2 dagen geleden
Jake is a great Captain! I remember when he was just a hand, on a crab boat. And he actually said I want my own Crab boat!
безымянный безымянный
безымянный безымянный 3 dagen geleden
Boat full of meth heads.
Andrew Brady
Andrew Brady 3 dagen geleden
I was on the f/v Northern Voyager and she sank about 5 miles out of Gloucester Mass in the late 90’. I was 18. Lost the rudder with no way to patch the hole.
Catholic Alien
Catholic Alien 3 dagen geleden
Be vegan, don't kill animals.
Catholic Alien
Catholic Alien Dag geleden
@Ryan Coldiron I challenge you to that too, FORCE ME not to do it. I like myself, again
Ryan Coldiron
Ryan Coldiron Dag geleden
@Catholic Alien are you liking your own comments? Lmfao. That's pathetic
Catholic Alien
Catholic Alien Dag geleden
@Ryan Coldiron Force me, caveman.
Ryan Coldiron
Ryan Coldiron Dag geleden
Take a shower, hippie
Catholic Alien
Catholic Alien 3 dagen geleden
Don't do it, it's very dangerous.
JeepinBoon 3 dagen geleden
Lost a rudder on a small tugboat. Luckily the rudder post was above deck and steered it with lifeboat. Little ole Mississippi River. Still stressing
Nick Ploussard
Nick Ploussard 3 dagen geleden
The commentary sucks. I want Mike back.
ImakeSnowflakesMelt 3 dagen geleden
No Mike no watch
Pan Cho
Pan Cho 3 dagen geleden
Long live DRONE . Ty
William Bennett
William Bennett 4 dagen geleden
Dont watch this show because of jake cant stand the guy
bluegod 4 dagen geleden
Must be absolutely terrifying you definitely need the right men on the job
][ 4 dagen geleden
Flex tape?
harrier331 4 dagen geleden
The hydraulic ram that is used to move the rudder was still in motion when he was welding with his chest in direct line of the arm, why in the hell didn't they shut down the hydraulics to the ram before working next to it. that could have easily killed him.
harrier331 Dag geleden
​@A little bit Intellectual The whole reason that hydraulics are used in these applications in the first place is because the fluid that they use is incompressible, if they close the valves on either side of the cylinder so long as there is still fluid in the system the cylinder would be fixed in that position. Hydraulics in general, especially hydraulics which may need to be worked on outside of a controlled environment must have a way of safely performing the tasks required, I could go into the safety standards that apply but I don't have the time for that.
A little bit Intellectual
A little bit Intellectual Dag geleden
@harrier331 when the system has no pressure it would move even more due to the currents and waves pressing on the rudder from the outside. Most probably there isnt a locking mechanism
harrier331 3 dagen geleden
@85305 This particular boat has two rudders and two screws, one of the rudders hydraulics could have been locked out whilst maintaining radial control. This is besides the point, once again, people should NEVER be in the operating range of hydraulics with no means of escape, its that simple.
85305 3 dagen geleden
@harrier331 being able to steer a several hundred thousand ton boat in the middle of the ocean in the middle of a storm is a concern 100% of the time... Have you ever piloted a boat, much less in the middle of a huge storm in the middle of the ocean? "Not steering" is never an option ever
harrier331 3 dagen geleden
@85305 When working around hydraulics the system should always be shut down and locked out, there is no question about it. Being able to steer is not a concern whilst this is happening.
Shreyash Agarwal
Shreyash Agarwal 4 dagen geleden
Stop feeding on animals!
Shreyash Agarwal
Shreyash Agarwal 4 dagen geleden
Hats off to them! Courageous
Laundries Hanging
Laundries Hanging 4 dagen geleden
Jake has earned and grown into the position/man/leader he is now. Great to see
Jack Tar
Jack Tar 4 dagen geleden
Haven't watched this show in years. Jake looks like he's aged a 1000 years.
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 2 dagen geleden
That’s what (appends when you get older?
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 2 dagen geleden
Smoking cigarettes literally kills you slowly!
Justin Gatlin
Justin Gatlin 4 dagen geleden
Haha yeah back then in like 2005
Brian Bauer
Brian Bauer 5 dagen geleden
Is this the @hoofgp come rating
Brian Bauer
Brian Bauer 5 dagen geleden
Robdog 1
Robdog 1 5 dagen geleden
Losing a rudder isn’t the end of the world. If it was northwestern that would be an issue because she’s single screw, but this is a twin screw boat and you can steer with the props. Typical discovery over dramatizing everything
J L Dag geleden
@Andrew Brady i thought all crew evacuated to a 47’ coast guard vessel in 6-8’ swells. Certainly a tense situation but certainly not as scary as 40’ waves?
Andrew Brady
Andrew Brady 3 dagen geleden
I was crew (of 13) on the f/v Northern Voyager and we lost our port rudder. We had an 8” hole. We did everything we could, but we had to abandon ship. Fortunately the Coast Guard was there in quick time. When the water was about 4 feet deep on the second deck we got our survival suits on and went topside. Try jumping on to the bow of a 110” Coast Guard boat in 20’ seas. Timing was everything. All of my stuff is still in the STBD stateroom in the bow, middle rack, outboard. That company did so much shady stuff. Honestly lucky to be alive. We were so far out during that storm the night before. We made it about 5 miles away from Gloucester Massachusetts before all efforts were hopeless.
Kevin Englisch
Kevin Englisch 3 dagen geleden
That's the main reason why I don't watch many Discovery channel "reality"-type shows anymore. There's far too much manufactured drama that gets recycled between episodes and even different shows. Moonshiners, Gold Rush Alaska, Bering Sea Gold, Dangerous Catch. It's all the same stuff happening, just in a different setting. - Someone gets injured or arrested and can no longer participate - An important piece of machinery breaks causing stress and delays - A goal/target isn't met which upsets the boss(es) - An argument between two individuals occurs and is settled by the end of the episode - Bad weather cut the day/season short I remember one mining show began a season saying "thunder snow is an extremely rare event which only occurs once every few years," but nearly every expedition that season was cut short by "thunder snow" causing the miners to quickly scramble off the mountain as if they were being chased by an invisible man wielding a knife.
lucas de Jong
lucas de Jong 3 dagen geleden
Isnt the compartiment where those rudders come in water tight also?
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson 4 dagen geleden
@Caiden coffman ah ok, I never worked on a ship so I wouldn't know lol
Alexander H.
Alexander H. 5 dagen geleden
Jake has aged fast.
Alexander H.
Alexander H. 4 dagen geleden
@Jeff Atkinson you're right. I looked up his age after seeing this video. I didn't realize he was already in his late 20's when he 1st appeared. I thought he was just out of high school.
Jeff Atkinson
Jeff Atkinson 4 dagen geleden
Youve forgotten how long deadliest catch has been on 😉
Kyle Belpasso
Kyle Belpasso 5 dagen geleden
How do I apply to one of these ships???
Jack Wingo
Jack Wingo 4 dagen geleden
Start with a visit to a psychiatrist
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 5 dagen geleden
That glad should never be in that state in those seas....poor maintenance....
wayne p
wayne p 5 dagen geleden
Just imagine the EMMA Maersk a 1,300 foot long 15,000 TEU container ship lost a stern thruster tube.. fittings that stack around cables and hydraulic hoses blew out .. the hull flexed enough that water came thru the shaft seals.. came thru vents. water ended up being 29 feet deep in the engine room. almost to the top of the 100,000 horse power main engine. . the danish accident report has fantastic pictures and descriptions.. google.. Emma Maresk danish accident report for one heck of a read.. and a good idea for those working aboard fishing fleets to look at things before they become a disaster.. i cannot imagine not having a pnumatic tank level gauge set up for not just the fuel tanks.. but holding tanks and various compartments.. on a friends boat.. we ended up being holed by something and completely flooded the fuel tank compartment. we had to go down and pull out poorly sealed pipes and conduits and plug the holes to reduce the volume of water leaking into the engine room behind the fuel tank compartment and the sleeping compartment in front of it.. took 9 pumps to keep up with it till we got the leaks fixed.. then we had to do something about the hole in the hull.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 5 dagen geleden
Just downloaded the report. A bit of bedtime reading.
MERCENARYREVY 5 dagen geleden
I always watched ever show of deadlest catch I'm so glad Jake finally a captain amazing ship. I'm sadly missing every show. I'm a trucker now. Way go jake ❤️
Lorne S
Lorne S 5 dagen geleden
Trucker here too, I feel your pain. I wind up recording it on the PVR and binge watch when I get home.
Stech55 5 dagen geleden
This announcer sucks compared to Mike Rowe
Andrew plack
Andrew plack 6 dagen geleden
Jake, quit smoking it’s dangerous
Zach Evaristi
Zach Evaristi 6 dagen geleden
As the sister in law of the mother of my ex's step daughter said once, stupid crabs.
Steven Williams
Steven Williams 6 dagen geleden
It's cool to see Jake's progression man I remember when he was a deckhand on the northwestern
Karl Jensen
Karl Jensen 7 dagen geleden
It could have been bad but they just eliminated catastrophic failure. Keep crabbing. Done for dramatic effect. Even if it did drop, and you know about it and where to address it, all you have to do is stuff rags inside the rudder shaftlock it’s not like there’s a lot of water pressure or hard to get at.
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson 5 dagen geleden
Actually would be be like a diving bell?
Neil Tibbs
Neil Tibbs 7 dagen geleden
Jake has come a long way
Einar Eldorsen
Einar Eldorsen 12 uur geleden
Ipsc Erik
JRainH H
JRainH H 3 dagen geleden
@Outis Nobody your comment gon go over SO MANY people heads 😂 but I got it
JRainH H
JRainH H 3 dagen geleden
And he EARNED that shit
Outis Nobody
Outis Nobody 4 dagen geleden
Eh, not really. I'm sure he lives closer to the port given how often he sails
Doldrums Of Azog
Doldrums Of Azog 4 dagen geleden
@sergio tovar Cigerettes are killing him, just like Captain Harris.
Anthony Vespia
Anthony Vespia 7 dagen geleden
Jake, I pray for you bro..You've been knocked down and it's awsome to see how thing's have worked out for you.. God bless you brother, be safe, good fishing!!🙏🙏
Dmoore_714 8 dagen geleden
Good job jake 👍
Zoomer30 8 dagen geleden
I remember when Jake needed a hall pass to go crabbing.
-Joe_Biden's_Hairy_Legs- 8 dagen geleden
Looks like the views were dropping causing Discovery to make some bullshit up to add drama.
Marcin F
Marcin F 11 dagen geleden
I'm sure Saga belong to someone different. Did he bought it?
Lorne S
Lorne S 5 dagen geleden
He's a part owner so he's going to take whatever percentage he owns of gross revenue. Having said that, he's responsible for his share of boat expenses, crew costs, etc.
ASTRO-MOON 8 dagen geleden
@Marcin F maybe he bought a portion of idk
Marcin F
Marcin F 8 dagen geleden
@ASTRO-MOON I dont thin so. I remember when he brought it.
ASTRO-MOON 8 dagen geleden
@Marcin F Eilliot was captain for hire as well. The owner is Lenny something
Marcin F
Marcin F 8 dagen geleden
@ASTRO-MOON it looks like it belong to Elliot Neese
TRUMP TARD 11 dagen geleden
Discovery could make an empty glass seem dramatic.
TRUMP TARD Dag geleden
@Vincent Clark No, but stepped on a Lego barefoot at 3am on my way to the bathroom.
Ryan Coldiron
Ryan Coldiron Dag geleden
Vincent Clark
Vincent Clark 7 dagen geleden
Have you ever been on a damaged ship in the middle of an ocean????
BassPurge 12 dagen geleden
My boy the captain looking like a straight crackhead out here
Leanne Hellon
Leanne Hellon Dag geleden
Wow harsh comments.must of bin smoking crack ye self thinking shit like that
DOKDONTSTOP 4 dagen geleden
He looks strung the f out
Ak 710
Ak 710 8 dagen geleden
IKR Ive seen plenty of Bering sea captains and yes a little rough when they first wake up but not all the time like jakey boy😭 that’s something else
Donn Buchfinck
Donn Buchfinck 14 dagen geleden
"oh my god will they make it back????"
Dutch 17 uur geleden
no, they got lost ad sea
NAZMUN NAHAR 15 dagen geleden
Who is Van boy?You should remove him from the list.
Don Eagle
Don Eagle 16 dagen geleden
In a pinch you can also steer with the engines, as it is a twin screw.
Robert Mills
Robert Mills 2 dagen geleden
@Mad Man Marine Easily? If the rudder post dropped through the hole then you would have a 8 - 10 inch hole in the bottom of your boat allowing a huge amount of freezing water to enter the compartment. I know the Royal Navy train to plug breaches like that and I am sure its the case for most navies around the world. These are not sailors intensely drilled and trained for such situations. I thnk under the circumsatnces Jake's bodge job was pretty well done.
Mad Man Marine
Mad Man Marine 5 dagen geleden
@PinRen Ng not true. They could easily plug the hole and steam in with the second Rudder
Loose Screw fishing
Loose Screw fishing 6 dagen geleden
Our cabin cruiser has 2 screws and it’s super helpful when the wind is blowing and you can just turn in place
PinRen Ng
PinRen Ng 8 dagen geleden
U can but if the rudder post breaks off entirely u will be doomed
Donn Buchfinck
Donn Buchfinck 14 dagen geleden
but that doesn't make for good television. :-|
Carmelo gonzalez Rohena
Carmelo gonzalez Rohena 16 dagen geleden
Amen 🙏💐🙏
aaron davis
aaron davis 16 dagen geleden
Good job Maine.
денизбек сейдакматов
денизбек сейдакматов 16 dagen geleden
С такими темпами недалек тот день когда весь океан будет опустошен.Нужно беречь океан и животный мир в нем.
Jesse Dupuy
Jesse Dupuy 17 dagen geleden
Thats why he is a captain smart boys...
BxxDxx Hoodoo
BxxDxx Hoodoo 17 dagen geleden
Dual rudder or bust
Adam Craig
Adam Craig 17 dagen geleden
If the rudder can actually fall out why don’t they have a chain fitted as standard?
Cameron 3 dagen geleden
Depending on how the boats rudder was designed the rudder could definitely come off. A common way rudders are attached is through use pintils (essentially a vericle pin), think of solid round bar vertically that fits into the very bottom of rudder shaft (very most bottom of the boat). This keeps the rudder from dropping down. Then theres most likely some kind of bushing ontop of the rudder shaft between the top of the rudder and the hull, this keeps the rudder from moving up. As long as the rudder cant move up it cant come off the bottom pintil and you wont be able to drop the rudder. So in essence if the rudder can move up it can come off the pintle and it could drop given the steering components let go. This is how they are able to drop a rudder when the boat is out of the water and they need to replace bushings and seals. Heres a few diagrams of how rudders are mounted. Heres a quick link i found of the saga on the hard, go to page 12 and zoom in on rudders to give a better idea of how they are mounted.
Adam Craig
Adam Craig 4 dagen geleden
@andy viveen makes sense
andy viveen
andy viveen 4 dagen geleden
It cant fall out this is just some discovery drama.
John Clark
John Clark 6 dagen geleden
Wishful thinking
Derrin Eckelmann
Derrin Eckelmann 17 dagen geleden
Man I wanted to see what happened when they had a diver look at it or dry docked it . My company had the same issue with a boat the whole rudder fell out hitting the wheel damaging it as well, it was found to be a faulty weld job .
dentons backyard show
dentons backyard show 4 dagen geleden
Ours did same thing . Broke at the stock.
Zeus Apollo
Zeus Apollo 5 dagen geleden
Been there
Mariner 7 dagen geleden
big ships had the same issue back in the day, and they would have to do a similar thing as he did. some ships had the rudder that badly damaged they could only steer it to port or starboard.
luvdahaaters933 18 dagen geleden
Is the saga sponsored by volcom??
Logan Kimmet
Logan Kimmet 18 dagen geleden
That looks like a bad place to stick your hands....
Antonio Barreira
Antonio Barreira 18 dagen geleden
Storm? Really ? That's nothing.This show makes it seem like on deaths door loo
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography 18 dagen geleden
that is bad if Jake loses the rudder he will lose control of the ship and Saga will sink they need to fix this and get Saga back in gear.
Robdog 1
Robdog 1 5 dagen geleden
@j rain not that hard. Forward and back and increase or decrease the power to one engine or the other. Just like an airplane
Ak 710
Ak 710 8 dagen geleden
Wow so he has a camera pointing at the rudder but yet he doesn’t know what the problem was gtfoh....classic deadliest catch lame drama 😂
j rain
j rain 11 dagen geleden
@Koen if they lost the rudder the waves would capsize the saga even with twin engines can you imagine how hard it would be to control the ship?
Koen 18 dagen geleden
Just like discovery you are exaggerating a lot. There is always a watertight door separating the rudderchamber from the rest of the engineroom, so sinking is not possible when that door is closed. Besides that, it has a double propellor and rudder, so it will be hard to manouvre but its possible to back to safe waters.
Gene Fishing TV
Gene Fishing TV 18 dagen geleden
amazing video I am also wondering millions of subs but why only few people view every video uploads
Ja2808 18 dagen geleden
Awesome captain
BM 18 dagen geleden
Great fix there Jake & crew
Jude Obi
Jude Obi 18 dagen geleden
Kyle Chapin
Kyle Chapin 18 dagen geleden
So good to see Jake back
TeaTreeDesigner 18 dagen geleden
that's horrific! that Rudder is a death sentence waiting to happen!😥
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography 18 dagen geleden
yup and if they lose all four components the ship will sink. The first is the rudder chain this connects to the rudder and moves it lose this you have no control, next is the rudder itself lose this you can't steer, next is the rudder shaft if you lose this you sink, and las but not least is the piston this moves the rudder lose this the rudder won't move. Jake had to make a temporary bracket to secure it if you lose the rudder the boat will go down just like Bismarck and they don't want that.
m cast
m cast 18 dagen geleden
Good job captain..
Donald Storm
Donald Storm 18 dagen geleden
Well that's a shame scary stuff especially during the middle of a storm!
Donald Storm
Donald Storm 18 dagen geleden
That's a lot of crab! Looks like a delicious catch!
Gerry Maloney
Gerry Maloney 18 dagen geleden
Those guys that go out on a boat in a storm surge should have wheel barrels in front of them so they can carry their huge balls never get me on a fucking boat
Amair Kumar
Amair Kumar 18 dagen geleden
3.34 mil subs and they barely get 50 K views
victor 18 dagen geleden
I'm habibi man
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