Clingy Orangutan Needs An Extra Push To Settle In The Wild | Meet The Orangutans

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Mico is 14 and has successfully graduated from Forest School at Sepilok. However, he is still having trouble letting go and leaving his first home behind.
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Nancy X
Nancy X Dag geleden
Good luck Mico!
Lass-in Angeles
Lass-in Angeles 3 dagen geleden
So sad to say goodbye. But mischief is also a sign of boredom and Mico needed to be on his own. I'm thinking of how older human teens are almost ready to leave home and can't wait to explore the world.
Dave McKay
Dave McKay 3 dagen geleden
Even the forest is highly controlled area. Interesting. In America, the woods will freaking kill you.
Dave McKay
Dave McKay 3 dagen geleden
Yeah bro we got you
Olivia ham
Olivia ham 5 dagen geleden
I don't blame him. Makes me cry.
John Adams
John Adams 5 dagen geleden
Why do the insist on them becoming wild?? I get that they want a good healthy population in the wild. I get it. But do all of them need to be completely wild??
*Xiola Blu Staley*
*Xiola Blu Staley* 4 dagen geleden
He was born free so he deserves to live the way he wants and the way nature intended!
Joy 5 dagen geleden
They insist on it, because anything aside from that is bondage. Like humans, they deserve to be free. They have their habitat where they can thrive, and that is in nature. It also increases the chances of them reproducing with different mates and increasing their population.
Jag Gud
Jag Gud 6 dagen geleden
His beard is awesome
Aii HairYou
Aii HairYou 9 dagen geleden
Lmao that side way leg split scratch
ً 9 dagen geleden
Hey, I've been there several times...
Lennart Hagen
Lennart Hagen 9 dagen geleden
People dont realise just how strong an adult male orang is. I LOVE THEM, no other great apes dont even comes close, i love chimps, silverbacks, bonobos and Gibbons (lesser apes) but these are my favourite.
Hc Haechan
Hc Haechan 11 dagen geleden
poor mico
sara kate
sara kate 11 dagen geleden
4:37 - that SPLIT thooo! And all up in the treeee like that! WOOOO! Those are some serious aerial gymnast skills right there!
Anne Corey
Anne Corey 13 dagen geleden
Beautiful animals very cute friendly animals thank you for sharing your beautiful animals love them all thank you for sharing your love for them all thank you
Mira No donnacha
Mira No donnacha 13 dagen geleden
sly lutfi
sly lutfi 15 dagen geleden
u guys hiring by chance
Irna 15 dagen geleden
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle 15 dagen geleden
Mico is such a burden! Wouldn't it make sense, time and cost efficient to just euthanize him? He's so obnoxious they literally have to drive him hundreds of miles away, why waste the gas when you can just shoot him?
Kloguy 10 uur geleden
The whole point is to set him free. Even if you looked at it from a money point of view if they just shot him then they would have lost all the money it took to rase him in the first place.
LION TAMER 17 dagen geleden
this is the prequel to Planet of the Apes 0.o
MrPickledede 18 dagen geleden
I love you Mico!!!
thatguywhodoesstuff 19 dagen geleden
Reject humanity Return to Wild
BB H 20 dagen geleden
He doesn’t want to leave the good life behind ..
John Adams
John Adams 20 dagen geleden
All so called ape experts seem to be woman..why is this??? It's really wierd if u ask me.. u didnt ask me but if you did I'd say its wierd.. and I'm right
John Adams
John Adams 20 dagen geleden
Just let micro do whatever wants ..other than being to destructive or dangerous.. I'd let him live right there around the place uf it was safe
John Adams
John Adams 20 dagen geleden
The big males are crazy can they move with the kinda grace?? He lady keeper seems like shes full of it . She thinks shes so smart
Sneaky Sasquatch
Sneaky Sasquatch 21 dag geleden
0:51 Wasn't that 7 times stronger than a human thing found not to be true? Sure I saw a video somewhere that full grown adult males were at the very most like 4 times stronger than the average human And the other great apes were very similar in strength also. They also tested the strength compared to the strongest athlete Body builders/ strong men and found they were only like 2 times stronger.
Sunix 21 dag geleden
Mico is a obviously a loafer; he'll either jump on the next bus or hitchhike back home.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 21 dag geleden
When you're 18 and your parents want you to move out but you don't want to:
Šłēllā Śłär
Šłēllā Śłär 22 dagen geleden
Sure he’s made for tree life, but He didn’t want to be alone inThe jungle, It’s not his fault he lost his mother and went to live with humans.
Šłēllā Śłär
Šłēllā Śłär 22 dagen geleden
Barbie power
Barbie power 23 dagen geleden
Good luck mico
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary 23 dagen geleden
I want a Mico update! Wish I could see what he is up to!
Sunix 21 dag geleden
Here's an update: while the caregivers were distracted, Mico jumped into the truck and drove back home. Upon arrival, he went to the kitchen and made himself a bologni sandwich while watching everybody lose their cool about it. Sadly, Mico is a loafer, he will never amount to anything.
Ningyou NK
Ningyou NK 24 dagen geleden
1:15 "He's becoming a MAN!" That's an interesting choice of words xD
Lydia Park
Lydia Park 24 dagen geleden
Do the orangutans feel like they're being abandoned :( What if they start crying and looking for the humans and trying to find his way back :( I can feel myself tearing up already
Sebo 5 dagen geleden
@lil sam well its actually because of their high emotional intelligence that its not that bad. they acclimate very quickly and never forget their friends. it's not like they're just dropped off and the people never look back, most of the time they're chipped for very easy tracking. they make the transition smooth, and watch them while their initially alone if they're a nervous wreck they know they're not truly ready. and did you know some of them are so smart that even many years later they know to come back to the rehabilitation center if they're sick or injured? completely on their own, then they get better and leave just as they came. they never get the chance to feel abandoned.
lil sam
lil sam 5 dagen geleden
​@Sebo obviously it's ultimately good that they are released back into the wild, they are wild animals, i just remarked your analogy wasn't correct. it just makes me wonder how being left like that affects them at least initially. they have a high emotional intelligence so I can only imagine he must be heartbroken being left by his parents essentially like that. eventually i'm guessing he'll adjust but still... I know it's for the better but it just makes me really sad to think about
Sebo 5 dagen geleden
@lil sam they keep a careful monitor of them upon release just like they keep a careful watch on a host of endangered animals in the wild. orangutans are also smart enough to know when their homies come pay a visit. and would you rather that parent just take care of their kid for their whole life? at some point the eagles push their young out the nest because they know that if they don't learn to fly, they won't make it as an eagle
lil sam
lil sam 5 dagen geleden
@Sebo no it would be more like your parents dropping you off at a new home they bought for you, without telling you, leaving you there, and then never contacting you again.
Sebo 8 dagen geleden
it def is a tender moment for all but its like when a parent drops a kid off at college. you realize it marks the end of that childhood phase but its a necessary step if you ever want to see them blossom into that capable, independent fully grown bad ass you know they'll be
R2K4_Nitro 25 dagen geleden
Where are his flanges isn’t he supposed to grow them already
SVongM Im
SVongM Im 28 dagen geleden
Bye Mico. Good luck and take care of yourself
Alan Werner
Alan Werner 28 dagen geleden
so then if this time Mico’s release ibto the protected ssanctuary is “successful “ this means you guys are Never Going To See Him Again, Right?? I can see the difficulty in this; you want to be sure he’s doing all right but then you’d be maintaining ties of affextion, (which he will very likely miss too). That’s a Tough One.
Bobbie Jordan
Bobbie Jordan 28 dagen geleden
He'll be back!! Lol
Veronica Ja
Veronica Ja 29 dagen geleden
I wonder is he tagged so they can monitor him. Has to be stressful for him. Hope he managed
Veronica Ja
Veronica Ja 24 dagen geleden
Thank you for that info
canis lupis
canis lupis 24 dagen geleden
They do it because if he is not able to adapt in the wild, he would have to be given help, or let him die. This has happened with many of them all ready. Some have been released and brought back 3 or 4 times. Some have been determined to not be able to live on their own, but they deserve a decent quality of life. And they also can help with repopulating the species.
Luna Bosnia
Luna Bosnia 26 dagen geleden
I'm sure they do tag them because they have put 7 years of work into his life and they also do research on how they do get on after rehabilitation so they surely must be tagged right someone...?
VeroAde 29 dagen geleden
You can do it Mico❤️I believe in you!
Wake Up
Wake Up Maand geleden
I am so sick of these people telling us that the only place they belong is in the jungle. Obviously they don't. For one they are going extinct in the jungle. For two the poachers will kill up to ten adults to get one baby to sell on the black market. So Meko is smarter then they think. HE DOESN'T WANT TO LIVE IN THE JUNGLE. This is insanity repeating the same thing and expecting different results! They have been doing this for 70 years plus and they are closer to extinction today then ever before. Plus they live on average 20 years longer in captivity! Meko obviously doesn't want to go so let him stay for the love god. Oh "its protected". That Ain't the wild.
just call me Jess z
just call me Jess z Maand geleden
Those opposable big toes are the reason one day these beautiful animals will take over us silly humans yet. I can only hope
India Henretta
India Henretta Maand geleden
Love Orangutans 🦧 forever 😍 from San Diego California
Gail Kenney
Gail Kenney Maand geleden
orang Utan!!!!!!!
Prabhakar J
Prabhakar J Maand geleden
Question: What is the normal life span of an orang utan? At what age do they reach puberty?
Lass-in Angeles
Lass-in Angeles 21 uur geleden
@Rose Gal Oh I see! Sorry, I stand corrected. Thanks!
Rose Gal
Rose Gal 23 uur geleden
@Lass-in Angeles Its also ORANG UTAN. Its from Malay words Person/Man (Orang) of Jungle (Hutan)
Lass-in Angeles
Lass-in Angeles 3 dagen geleden
Why are you asking such obvious questons? Don't you have internet access? ORANGUTAN, not ORANG UTAN
Aria 6 dagen geleden
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary 23 dagen geleden
@Maliah Sims wow such long lives, Id never have guessed they spent so many years with mom!
Michael Perez
Michael Perez Maand geleden
Get out there and start spreading some seed Nico
Victor DeMarco
Victor DeMarco Maand geleden
Poor Mico. I am so sad for him. What happens whem he realizes he will be gone forever. That is heartbreaking.
Bill Robbins
Bill Robbins Dag geleden
@Pappy Van Winkle that's not funny winkle tinkle!
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle Dag geleden
@Bill Robbins other obnoxious burdens that shovel food in their faces and shit everywhere
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle Dag geleden
Don't worry I found him, shot him and made him into a nice rug
Bill Robbins
Bill Robbins 27 dagen geleden
Hopefully, he'll meet others like himself.
DSAK55 Maand geleden
luckily they don't give Orangutans access to Internet or they would never leave
Jordan Nguyen
Jordan Nguyen 3 dagen geleden
if he had a laptop he could crack bank accounts and have infinte bananas and tropical fruits
Jag Gud
Jag Gud 6 dagen geleden
They would hack the worlds banking systems and hold us ransom for bananas
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle Maand geleden
Let me come out there and be alone with him for 30 minutes, I promise he will NEVER come back
erin lewis
erin lewis 28 dagen geleden
Edgy Wagy
Edgy Wagy Maand geleden
@Omerta Don83 ok ..Do not mess with my cousins.
Edgy Wagy
Edgy Wagy Maand geleden
serial killer self identified..if you harm animal you will do it to a human being .Get help you psycho
Jaz Barry
Jaz Barry Maand geleden
You guys took care of him at the forest school, can you really blame him for wanting to stay? Maybe the connection you have with these animals really made an impression on Mico that he's having trouble shaking.
グールにも愛が必要 20 dagen geleden
It's not really taking care of them like a boarding facility, its teaching them to take care of themselves because they couldn't. I see your point though, why wouldn't he want to stay, he still gets the outdoors and company, while not being in direct danger
maxx1mus1041 Maand geleden
Mico s face resembles paul giamatti character "Limbo" 2001 POTA
LL949 Maand geleden
Can you imagine being pampered and comfortable amongst humans, only to suddenly be thrown into the jungle? No person would survive that... and this orangutan didn’t either! 👎 Releasing sheltered animals into the wild, amongst peers that WILL respond aggressively, is incredibly cruel and foolish! Not to mention heartbreaking for the animals 💔 Think about it: Would you do it to your dog?
Tommy Ly
Tommy Ly Maand geleden
They were never pampered they were taught for 7 years how to live wild, did you not listen to them say graduate like 50times they also monitor the orangs as well
Tommy Ly
Tommy Ly Maand geleden
That’s funny than the other say how cruel they live in cages and pampered they need to be in the Forrest . Lmao there’s never a win win with ppl
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh Maand geleden
Very good work 👍👍👍
Cynthia Rogers
Cynthia Rogers Maand geleden
2anne C
2anne C Maand geleden
Must be hard letting go!
Sofia Tsaernev
Sofia Tsaernev Maand geleden
I feel you Mico
Armando Valdez
Armando Valdez 5 dagen geleden
Christine Stathers
Christine Stathers Maand geleden
He was found dead. So incredibly sad.
Olivia ham
Olivia ham 5 dagen geleden
Oh no! Say it ain't so!
Christine Stathers
Christine Stathers Maand geleden
Actually it may have been a different adolescent male orang-not sure when this video is from. I may have mistaken Mico for the one in the article I read. It was a news article from Indonesia. I adore the work this place does, but was curious about the drawbacks of exposing young orangutans to humans from such a young age. I just googled the name of the organization. If only we could stop palm plantations completely and maintain their natural habitat once and for all, that would be the best solution. Sadly, some of the adults are quite pesky and very smart and strong, so there have been plantation staff that have killed and poisoned them to get revenge, despite Orangs being protected due to endangerment. One man was actually charged with murder, and jailed. I honestly don’t know how any human being could look into these creatures’ eyes and not understand the fact that we are kindred, personally!
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle Maand geleden
Do you know if there is a video?
ruth simpson
ruth simpson Maand geleden
Jim Y
Jim Y Maand geleden
At 1st I thought this was a clip from Orangutan Jungle School, but it's not. Looks a lot like it, but the release cages are completely different. The nice elderly woman isn't in the other one and the narrator sounds like OJS's narrator but she's different. I dont know if its intentional or not.
En Sue
En Sue Maand geleden
@Calixte Dion borneo too
Calixte Dion
Calixte Dion Maand geleden
En Sue What type of orangutans are these?
Nsaffini Maand geleden
This one is from meet the orang utans documentary
En Sue
En Sue Maand geleden
Because This rehabs center is in malaysia
STAR SAINT ONE Maand geleden
Upload one more video that's under 10 minutes long, and I'm unsubscribing...
Ane Dijitak
Ane Dijitak 24 dagen geleden
just unsub already. no one will miss you.
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle Maand geleden
orangutan 101
orangutan 101 Maand geleden
oh shoot thats my brother
Blossom Maand geleden
Another attraction place to see orang utan is in Semenggoh Borneo. Very close near to my place. Very cool to see monkey in the morning fighting for food. I feel blessed.
Blossom 20 dagen geleden
@Kathleen McWhirter I know orangutan is not a monkey, what I meant was I able to watch Monkeys not The Orang Utan. Cause it's quite rare to watch orangutan came out around the forest close to my house. Monkeys quite often 😶
Kathleen McWhirter
Kathleen McWhirter 20 dagen geleden
@Blossom Orangs are not monkeys, they are Great Apes. Apes have more DNA in common with humans than monkeys.
Blossom Maand geleden
@Warslave I know. What I meant the forest that I mentioned above not just have orang utan but also monkey. So every morning I saw monkey playing around beside orang utan. Cause orang utan quite shy and scared to see human. So they rarely show up.
Sayem Humayra
Sayem Humayra Maand geleden
liz impey
liz impey Maand geleden
I hope he is ok in his new wild home👍
liz impey
liz impey 21 dag geleden
Thelma Messer Me too 😁
Thelma Messer
Thelma Messer 21 dag geleden
He will be OK. He's very smart. I like him very much. It does not take much for this to happen to me, when it comes to animals.
liz impey
liz impey Maand geleden
Victor DeMarco Hi victor, take no notice of him/her. He/she is a troll who likes to try and inflame animal lovers to reply to his silliness. Just give him the troll face which is 🤪. It’s as much as he/she deserves. 👍😁
Victor DeMarco
Victor DeMarco Maand geleden
Why would you even say something so hateful? I don't understand the need to say something so disgusting just to get some laughs.
liz impey
liz impey Maand geleden
Pappy Van Winkle’s the troll again. 🤪
nymom 750
nymom 750 Maand geleden
Maybe he will never be happy in the wild. Perhaps he needs to be in a protected sanctuary...
nandy jamz018
nandy jamz018 26 dagen geleden
Instead pf replying to these idiots 🙏 just report their comments nd make comment section more postive🎉
VeroAde 29 dagen geleden
Pappy Van Winkle You should really consider getting a job sir. Sitting around all day leaving negative comments on orangutan videos is pretty lame, joke or not.
Cara M.
Cara M. 29 dagen geleden
@Rhonda It's a nice thought that there's something in Pappy's background causing his stupidity but he/she's just an ass
Rhonda Maand geleden
@Fenna R I believe @Pappy Ban Winkle may have been traumatized once upon a time. I feel for him/her.
Fenna R
Fenna R Maand geleden
@Pappy Van Winkle I see you commenting a lot under these videos and it is always negative or cruel. Why?
SUBRATA KUNDU Maand geleden
Nice video.
onyx IT
onyx IT Maand geleden
I am an animal geek 🦧🦍🐵
Domokos Kelen
Domokos Kelen Maand geleden
So you know evolution... Why would a monkey, that has a smaller tail than the others (less balance), and less curved bones (less grip) than the others, have a higher chance of surviving? It couldn't balance as much, and would be harder for him to grip branches. Also, on the ground, more predators can reach you. What do yall' think?
Edgy Wagy
Edgy Wagy Maand geleden
@Hamid Hamid God, god , god ..😂😂😂😂 Is it all good with you?
Hamid Hamid
Hamid Hamid Maand geleden
When God created billions of human without all of them coming out identical physically, mentally etc, there is no need for the evolution theory. So was was the creation of animals, plants on lands and water. God is powerful and more creative than mere mortals: When God want something to be then it will be....
Edgy Wagy
Edgy Wagy Maand geleden
The enviroment shape evolution ..If you are interested read first ( Darwing is a 101 clasic) it doesn't overnight ..just in case your wandering mind is rooming around in circles
Catato Blob
Catato Blob Maand geleden
If you're asking about the missing link between monkeys and apes, its probably because apes have a common ancestor that partially moved out of the trees to fit a different niche from monkeys. This lead to their increase in size, because they no longer had to be super light. Because a monkey's tail is prehensile and heavy, and apes didn't need a counterweight when knuckle walking on ground vs balancing on tree branches, tails stopped being useful because they're extra weight while not as strong or as useful as arms.
Cody Rowland
Cody Rowland Maand geleden
Apes are larger and stronger than monkeys and they have less natural predators. They don't need to rely as much on running along tree branches. And having longer arms can work for counter balancing like a tail can.
Mark Susskind
Mark Susskind Maand geleden
Find your way back. Be sneaky about it.
Thelma Messer
Thelma Messer 21 dag geleden
@Quolesha Wills I am an ardent animal lover. I like Mico tremendously; this move for him is strange, yet necessary. This is the best for this animal.
Quolesha Wills
Quolesha Wills 21 dag geleden
S M Maand geleden
Hope that their environment is preserved. What lovely animals, very sad to see their homes disappearing.
Soggy Waffles
Soggy Waffles 5 dagen geleden
@Iferg Yt that was hilarious 😐
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle Maand geleden
@Iferg Yt good one
Iferg Yt
Iferg Yt Maand geleden
Your MOM
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Tip: If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you take the test it can help you remember. I am very close to 900 a little help will do❤️🥺🙏❤️🙏🥺🥺
Kaidoo Gaming
Kaidoo Gaming Maand geleden
Modernize Purple pen
Modernize Purple pen Maand geleden
Good morning
Pappy Van Winkle
Pappy Van Winkle Maand geleden
sampurna mishra
sampurna mishra Maand geleden
Good night
blu bot studio
blu bot studio Maand geleden
good Morning ☺️
Troy Fleming
Troy Fleming Maand geleden
Good morning bro but I’m in Australia so it’s like 10 pm
J Boog
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