How Is A Combination Lock Made? | How Do They Do It?

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Founded by James Sargent in 1857, the Sargent and Greenleaf company is well known as a manufacturer of safes and vaults. But, how exactly do the combination locks that keep intruders at bay work, and how are they made?
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David A
David A 5 dagen geleden
4 wheel locks exist as well
John Richard Zar Castillo
John Richard Zar Castillo 2 maanden geleden
*970200 combination
Alexx S.
Alexx S. 2 maanden geleden
cracks me every time
Cameron Wallis
Cameron Wallis 2 maanden geleden
The way the narrator pronounces “pentagon” reminds me of Benadict Cumberbatch pronouncing “Penguins” as “Penglings”
OLLE 3770
OLLE 3770 2 maanden geleden
Search for "lock manipulator" on YT. He shows how to find the combination of a S&G (and others of similar construction). You don't need a stethoscope. It does however take some time until you become proficient. It's not rocket science.
Lyf for music
Lyf for music 3 maanden geleden
Are these newer locks still crack-able with the Stethoscope breaking technique ?
teslacoiler 2 maanden geleden
Yes, can still be done. But it is not (and it wasn't in the past) quick and easy as you can expect.... you need a lot of skills and few hours of time to discover the combination (almost always more than a forced entry).
TG Leviathan
TG Leviathan 2 maanden geleden
Ivelin Markovski 🤣🤣
Ivelin Markovski
Ivelin Markovski 2 maanden geleden
Asking for a friend I guess?
Duncan William Gibbons
Duncan William Gibbons 3 maanden geleden
Those finger nails
Prince Shadrak
Prince Shadrak 3 maanden geleden
Dooh,Kali xna
Bentley Baartman
Bentley Baartman 3 maanden geleden
Shout out from south Africa
blocki 3 maanden geleden
This is the Lockpicking Lawyer and what I have for you today....
Jhon Son
Jhon Son 3 maanden geleden
no caption
SexyPotato 3 maanden geleden
The Lock Picking Lawyer: Are you challenging me?
Victor Greystoke II
Victor Greystoke II 3 maanden geleden
Malcolm Anthony
Malcolm Anthony 3 maanden geleden
1:50 If I put a mechanical clock that makes a loud ticking sound, will he able to open it?
luchvk 2 maanden geleden
I think it would prevent a lot of people from opening it but I think that there are people who would be able to.
Monde Mdluli
Monde Mdluli 3 maanden geleden
Stick of dynamite: Hold my beer...
Ethan Wrinkle
Ethan Wrinkle 3 maanden geleden
Ok so how are you supposed to know the code if it randomly selects it and no one knows the code????
SeanBZA 3 maanden geleden
Printed on the assembly sheet, next to the lock. Yes everybody in the packing line can see it, but once in a sealed pack and in a box hard to find without damaging the sealed pack. Plus you can change it in the field as well.
rusty nail
rusty nail 3 maanden geleden
Shout out from Philippines
Lambo Ferrari
Lambo Ferrari 3 maanden geleden
Rusty Nail Gago!
Supot ka
Supot ka 3 maanden geleden
@Ragnvald David hahahaha kj
ป๋องแป้ง แห่งความหลัง
ป๋องแป้ง แห่งความหลัง 3 maanden geleden
VOZAMARAK TV - ART 3 maanden geleden
These 'How they're made videos are so fascinating to watch!!!
김민우 3 maanden geleden
Great.!! 👍👍😄😀
Bacon Boy
Bacon Boy 3 maanden geleden
Gavin Clemens
Gavin Clemens 3 maanden geleden
هەمەڕەنگ HamaRang
هەمەڕەنگ HamaRang 3 maanden geleden
هەمەڕەنگ HamaRang
هەمەڕەنگ HamaRang 3 maanden geleden
MediaRavenEditor2020 /R
MediaRavenEditor2020 /R 3 maanden geleden
I am the first.
هەمەڕەنگ HamaRang
هەمەڕەنگ HamaRang 3 maanden geleden
first comment👍👍👍✋✋
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