Mammoth Tusk Hunters Discover A Perfectly Preserved Ice Age Wolf Head | Lost Beasts Of The Ice Age

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When tusk hunters are digging in the Siberian permafrost looking for Mammoth tusks, they come across a strange and unique find that they bring to a team of Ice Age researchers for investigation, who soon discover it to be the best-preserved Ice Age wolf remains ever found.
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floou 4 uur geleden
whoa dude that is huge that is also what she said
Ti Klim
Ti Klim 6 uur geleden
Damn looks like it could have torn a modern wolf to pieces .
muffy tandih
muffy tandih 17 uur geleden
Stupid! Its just a normal wolf!
K.M. Haswell
K.M. Haswell 19 uur geleden
Your damn background music drowns out the Narrator. A big THUMBS DOWN.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 20 uur geleden
The most amazing part we can discover a preserved dinosour dead body and get those Dna to make a dinosour
smart Branzuela
smart Branzuela 23 uur geleden
Nkka hadlok
FetalKnievel Dag geleden
Wow I'm so glad this music was here or I wouldn't have been able to pay attention to the wolf corpse video
Ibbe Ouni
Ibbe Ouni Dag geleden
How much extra food do they need to carry for that lady out there
BrickbyBrick46 Dag geleden
anyone have an edited version of this without the fucking music? because i can’t hear shit so i’m giving a dislike
kal 61
kal 61 Dag geleden
I think we need to reexamine the word 'perfectly'.
Jodi-lee Golding
Jodi-lee Golding Dag geleden
I would subscribe but found the background music too annoying to hear the narrator
Brandy Tallent
Brandy Tallent Dag geleden
Wow, they're so lucky. I'd love to be doing they're job! Fascinating
john plaid
john plaid Dag geleden
The older guy is so in love with the 2000 year old specimen and the music drowns out the informative narration. Do you really need music?
ME Toons
ME Toons Dag geleden
getrekt98 2 dagen geleden
Imagine how many humans they will find after the next ice age
rick rocks
rick rocks 2 dagen geleden
32k yrs ago 😳 what is more amazing is if they can find the fossil of a mammoth together with a tiger and a sloth all together.
DAUGHTERS 4 LIFE 2 dagen geleden
Black Thunder
Black Thunder 2 dagen geleden
Ysolda isn't looking well...
TriamaticHat 00
TriamaticHat 00 2 dagen geleden
Cool video but background music is waaaaay too loud, honestly made it hard to even hear the narrator
f6fhelldweller 2 dagen geleden
What's with all this action-hero type music?
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 2 dagen geleden
Looking for new housepets...get in
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 2 dagen geleden
Imagine what's hidden in cold hearts , just over the thresholds deep in the labs of some secret laborstories....
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 2 dagen geleden
Dire wolf..? Ice age ..?
Andre Smit
Andre Smit 2 dagen geleden
The way these shows are produced have become unbearable. It's not 2005 no more.
Akam 2 dagen geleden
I can only Think of one thing: Walder frey
Gusset Thumper
Gusset Thumper 2 dagen geleden
Classic American documentary. Ridiculous overly-dramatic music drowning out the capacity to think properly.
steve 2 dagen geleden
I bet the 32.000 years really got the grants flowing. Too bad that was about 25,000 years before time
bodhrani jam
bodhrani jam 2 dagen geleden
constantly flipping the head like a hamburger on the grill
Michel Folco
Michel Folco 2 dagen geleden
@Steve1989MREInfo: hmmmkay, nice. Let me get the tray.
Michel Folco
Michel Folco 2 dagen geleden
Forbidden tartare
Novel Sea
Novel Sea 2 dagen geleden
Mammoth Tusk Hunters Discover A Perfectly Preserved Ice Age Baby Head | Lost Beasts Of The Ice Age
nothing 2 dagen geleden
I have trouble believing these overproduced discovery channel shows. It's like watching ancient aliens
Skylar durrant
Skylar durrant 2 dagen geleden
What are you doing step wolf
Brook DesHarnais
Brook DesHarnais 2 dagen geleden
How do "Perfectly Preserved" fossils exist from millions of years ago? How does soft tissue inside of dinosaur fossils survive millions of years? The truth is that it doesn't, and that ought to be abundantly and absolutely obvious. We have no real evidence of any human civilization further than 6,000 years ago, and one must step outside of atheistic religion to see Truth which defies pride. Atheism is a staunch religion; proven by the fact that it makes blind-faith assumptions based on religious beliefs; something a true scientist never can do.
anthae1 3 dagen geleden
Let's clone that DNA with a decent Shephard and try to undo a century of in-breeding. Get some wolf back into the Shephards!
l1m1tless Road
l1m1tless Road 3 dagen geleden
endwelfare 3 dagen geleden
It's suppose to be 25% larger than modern wolf but skull teeth size of a Terrier. I guess it wasn't fully grown
TheChatRoom 3 dagen geleden
they left the tag on that wold head..
Friendly Old Bum
Friendly Old Bum 3 dagen geleden
There is no need for the annoying music. The story is interesting and engaging enough, the music really wrecks the presentation.
RANDOM GUY 3 dagen geleden
Before the pointless idea of Skin Color
Darkness0bites0ppl 3 dagen geleden
Posted by darkness bites' roommate... I have a steppe wolf. Yeah, mum got remarried in the 80's🤪
IIISentorIII 3 dagen geleden
those are some exceptional ugly two human specimen
tombear31 3 dagen geleden
What’s the time mr.wolf... what’s the time .. (now search for the song “what’s the time Mr.Wolf Once we’re warriors “)
Duke _CookEm
Duke _CookEm 3 dagen geleden
Earth is no older than 7,000 years old. Proof #1 Sahara Desert giving it’s growing rate earth would have been a giant dessert. One of many examples
Henrik Manitski
Henrik Manitski 3 dagen geleden
Keep chewing on the blue pill
Cliffy 3 dagen geleden
Zach S
Zach S 3 dagen geleden
The editor needs to figure out the whole sound design thing. The interview volume was fine, but the narrator seemed to be getting quieter and quieter - not cool when the music was getting louder and louder.
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke 3 dagen geleden
You should clean the dirt off it
DANKISH420 3 dagen geleden
It looks like it could have died a week ago? Idk about that, maybe 4-5 weeks
dimmo ishere
dimmo ishere 3 dagen geleden
So human already over power since ice age.
Master Mind
Master Mind 3 dagen geleden
we were here since day one. The just separated us and civilized us into a humans.
Dobranican 3 dagen geleden
wow, looks a lot like a modern day Siberian wolf.. like almost Identical somehow I pictured it to be... Bigger.
Checkma8s 3 dagen geleden
their task was to search for the tusk
John Sickler
John Sickler 4 dagen geleden
Exciting music
Ihavenoidea 4 dagen geleden
this is so overly dramatic. fucking cringe. its like an american discovery doc but for some reason uk decided to upload it.
Justin Affleck
Justin Affleck 4 dagen geleden
Tusk hunters you mean poachers lol jk I know they were already dead
Sail Oria complete refit
Sail Oria complete refit 4 dagen geleden
That skull was not 2 feet long!!!
GONZO 1 4 dagen geleden
Gill is a mammoth herself.. omg. What kind of food supply did she bring to maintain her girth??
AquaStar 4 dagen geleden
Music too loud can’t read the dialogue
nebiten lik
nebiten lik 4 dagen geleden
i was eating than you very much
T Cooke
T Cooke 4 dagen geleden
PSA: If you're a 300lbs women please avoid wearing skin tight clothing.
Jake Fiscus
Jake Fiscus 4 dagen geleden
Wow a mammoth & a dire wolf in the same tent
Andrew King
Andrew King 4 dagen geleden
Anyone else notice they said rhinos are extinct
✠CuttySobz✠ 4 dagen geleden
BrainPoop 4 dagen geleden
these scientists are fake, looks to me like a regular wolf who died couple of weeks ago
BrainPoop 3 dagen geleden
@star and fox yup they are, even bigger than this
star and fox
star and fox 3 dagen geleden
Normal wolves don't have heads that big. Also it's been frozen and turned into a mummy due to the dry cold condations.
Sita Afoa
Sita Afoa 4 dagen geleden
20ft big - finds a head of a 🐺 wolf and it looks like a normal size current wolf 😂 yeah historic find my a** lol
Nigiri Sama
Nigiri Sama 5 dagen geleden
Only the head left
Lazy cobra 🐍
Lazy cobra 🐍 5 dagen geleden
That specimen still buried under music
Bingo77 5 dagen geleden
If it was in ice then maybe the movements over time severed the head from the body.
Trevor Sutherland
Trevor Sutherland 5 dagen geleden
32,000 The sky was blue, the rivers ran, the wind blew, the rain fell, wolves hunted prey. No different than yesterday afternoon; and no different than 32,000 years from now.
HRCVF750 5 dagen geleden
Who's the idiot that added music to this ? If you want to add it, make sure it doesn't drown out the VO. Do your job!
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat 5 dagen geleden
The 1st indication of age is the 3 prong teeth definitely very old
Jhon Famo
Jhon Famo 5 dagen geleden
Thank u learning channels..last good shows out there
Star Atlantis
Star Atlantis 5 dagen geleden
Movie production! Sigh. Phake!
Sir Honey Badger
Sir Honey Badger 5 dagen geleden
Guhh 5 dagen geleden
"Perfectly" Looks like a zombie
Cuppa Goon
Cuppa Goon 5 dagen geleden
They just need Sid from ice age
Max Miller
Max Miller 5 dagen geleden
Wow what a fat woman absolutely fascinating
patrick Frawley
patrick Frawley 5 dagen geleden
These things really piss me off, why do they drain some speech out with loud music.
HAMMER.r6 5 dagen geleden
Its a refurbished wolf
Alexander Wingeskog
Alexander Wingeskog 5 dagen geleden
I don't get it, this wolf is a 2000 years old steppe wolf. But they died out 7500 years ago?
L I L V C I F X R 5 dagen geleden
Daniel Pepper
Daniel Pepper 5 dagen geleden
That ladies really fat
Wizzlet 5 dagen geleden
Terrible audio mixing
Bill 5 dagen geleden
I call bullshit. A proper exam, you would keep it frozen, not allow flys to touch it and ware proper PPE.
Marcus Parrado
Marcus Parrado 6 dagen geleden
Those graphics were horrific 😂😂😂
Jerry Noggins
Jerry Noggins 6 dagen geleden
the earth is 6000 years old.. *drools
robert cushman
robert cushman 6 dagen geleden
People obviously dressed that animal exactly like my deer heads after i am done.
The Badger
The Badger 6 dagen geleden
Maybe its a hyena or a bear type of thing.
Manong Juan
Manong Juan 6 dagen geleden
3:04 this how virus starts. you taste the gloves.
Barry Chase
Barry Chase 6 dagen geleden
It would be more interesting if the music didn't drown out the talking.
FirstNameSecondNameThirdNameLastName 6 dagen geleden
this is why i love comedy cause they are wrong and still say its the ice age animals just because its was in ice lol i was in a ice hotel so does that mean im from the ice age too? so they use their method of dating which proves them wrong but still say its from the ice age hahahahah
star and fox
star and fox 3 dagen geleden
They say it's a ice age animal cuase they lived during a period of time when it was cooler globally based on studying layers of ice and rock. Not cuase it was found frozen.
white_men_sek 6 dagen geleden
dry ice aged wolf steak, jummy
SV IOREK 7 dagen geleden
That was not the height of the ice age.
Camreon Logeres
Camreon Logeres 7 dagen geleden
That thing would compete with 2 gray wolves
Richard Aponte
Richard Aponte 7 dagen geleden
Plot Twist: The 3 Little Pigs Showed Up To Claim The Head.
moon wilson
moon wilson 6 dagen geleden
Fuckin right dude😂😂😂😂
REV3LL 7 dagen geleden
"What're you doing step wolf?" Gets mauled
Maneff Meyssene
Maneff Meyssene 7 dagen geleden
Joel Noble
Joel Noble 7 dagen geleden
So if they found the head and permafrost, I'm sure they had to somehow thaw the ice. So my question is this. How long does it take before the head start to deteriorate in room temperature? I also understand that living organisms that were inside the body to help break down the amino acids and other organic tissue are long since gone. So what happens next? Does bacteria start to grow on the surface of the head and break down the rest?
bob wertz
bob wertz 8 dagen geleden
When the man left the tent that woman ate the wolf head.
JT Shutzhund
JT Shutzhund 8 dagen geleden
Considering they have some pretty serious evidence the dog found us and more or less domesticated itself... Funny how time brings about fundamental misunderstanding.
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