Baby Orangutan Bursts Into Tears On The Climbing Ropes | Meet The Orangutans

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Maand geleden

Peanut was rescued from a palm plantation and now has to learn how to survive in the Jungle by himself. Luckily the team at Sepilok is there to show him the ropes.
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Legendary Hamster
Legendary Hamster Uur geleden
RIP Dr. Diana Ramirez :(
Josh Taylor Music
Josh Taylor Music 3 uur geleden
Yay !
jigga jaw
jigga jaw 6 uur geleden
Damn that thing is ugly! Rofl!
Erika First
Erika First 7 uur geleden
Whay type of person would put a thumbs down??
Erika First
Erika First 7 uur geleden
Love you peanut!!
Hyper Pro
Hyper Pro 8 uur geleden
Imagine he goes into the forest and gets dies right at the start
vai walker
vai walker 9 uur geleden
i had a photo taken with an old orangutan in a zoo when i was like 11 yrs old.. so humble.. she held my hand for the photo. even did a shoulder hug. gentle guys.
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 9 uur geleden
Yooooo his name is peanut? Lil man got a dope ass name. I love him he precious.
Sally Bella
Sally Bella 10 uur geleden
Aren’t adult Orangotangs violent and mean. I don’t like his fat belly and bald head. At all.
Celeste D
Celeste D 10 uur geleden
He doesn't have his mom to show him what to do.
Hana 10 uur geleden
Awwwwww my hear broke when he cried
Felicia F
Felicia F 14 uur geleden
4:39 “look at me... I’m not doing it, ok?”
Thorstmixx 14 uur geleden
Legit broke my heart when he started squeaking and crying. I totally understood him in that moment. Being pushed into a scary situation that you don't have a hope of understanding, completely removed from your comfort zone, you don't know what you're supposed to do, you just want someone you love to hold you, and they aren't coming..
Viper 16 uur geleden
So niceee seeing how monkeys are different personalities and there like a todler.
AndSendMe 19 uur geleden
So you hang a baby orangutan from a single rope loop and then say "he doesn't know what to do". What the blazes was he supposed to do? What path was available?? What goal was there to go after? Meanwhile yeah, baby orangs in TREES have paths to follow, things to go look at, baby steps to take walking on branches, holding on to other branches, building their skills. The only good thing about this woman being involved in training up baby orangs is that she's not involved with human children.
Enney 20 uur geleden
When he heart! Kudos to all these wonderful people who takes care of them.♥️♥️♥️
WhiteSkylark 21 uur geleden
My peanuts at home dont look like that peanut D:
Irma NV.
Irma NV. 21 uur geleden
We have so much to repair on this hurting World!!! Thank you for the Doctors & Healthcare workers!
Kerri Melis
Kerri Melis 21 uur geleden
I love orangutans they're one of my favourite animals and peanut is sooooooooooooooooo cute
Timothy Clarke
Timothy Clarke 23 uur geleden
Peanut - what a loser.
Jacklyn Salleh
Jacklyn Salleh Dag geleden
I hesrd the doctor says in malay language *PANDAI* - means CLEVER OR this video done in INDONESIA....perhaps sumartra or indonesian jungle ?????
Jonie Goodman
Jonie Goodman Dag geleden
oh i just wanted to hug him up
katie rae
katie rae Dag geleden
Why don't you smack the shit out of him???
Last Trump
Last Trump Dag geleden
cute till he rips your face off
Russell Smith
Russell Smith Dag geleden
Lady looks like Richard branson
FrightzFriez Dag geleden
Molestation is a sin
Anticsofasocial nobody
Anticsofasocial nobody Dag geleden
Go peanut, go!!
lvivboi Dag geleden
What a good baby he is, so well behaved. Peanut, the world loves you ❤️
Mr.swissroll Dag geleden
1:02 your just shoving a thermometer up his ass
Willa Herrera
Willa Herrera Dag geleden
Peanut been on welfare too long. Lol
Nick Chase
Nick Chase Dag geleden
how did they teach that old orangutan female sue to speak? this is amazing!
skida Dag geleden
no one talking about how they stuck a thermometer up his ass
Kill Bill
Kill Bill Dag geleden
So when he get big we call him nuts ?🤨
sameel shamnad
sameel shamnad Dag geleden
Thats a beautiful blue eyes
Mystical Z
Mystical Z Dag geleden
It’s a little kid with orange hair
Amy Michelle
Amy Michelle 2 dagen geleden
Can they put him with a mommy?
Akash S.
Akash S. 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful boy ❤️
Kodi Brito
Kodi Brito 2 dagen geleden
He is so can just see the innocent in his eyes. I love orangutans!🧡🐒
Lazy Tacos :3
Lazy Tacos :3 2 dagen geleden
The man: demonstrating for peanut Peanut: *what the fuck is this man doing.*
JakulaithWolff 2 dagen geleden
5:20 literally looks like a human child confused...
William Olsen
William Olsen 2 dagen geleden
I would never actually do this, but an orangutan is the only wild animal that I would ever have wanted for a pet, but I don't believe that wild animals should be pets.
James 2 dagen geleden
Yes hello, I'd like to file a complaint. My belly is pictured in this video without my permission xD
Helen Sharing
Helen Sharing 2 dagen geleden
Daniel F
Daniel F 2 dagen geleden
4:30 guy sounds like Kimi Raikkonen
Anne Smith
Anne Smith 2 dagen geleden
Why in the world don't they just give that baby some cuddles? This was painful to watch.
Adrian G.
Adrian G. 2 dagen geleden
Electric Shrapnel
Electric Shrapnel 2 dagen geleden
That's why they call him pee nut 7:19
Steve 2 dagen geleden
Lol 3 months into quarantine
Diane Pearson
Diane Pearson 2 dagen geleden
Sorry, but they shouldn't give antibiotics for the flu! They're only for bacterial infections.
TC Bauer
TC Bauer 2 dagen geleden
My newest heart throb...Peanut, you just made my weekend!! Thank you Sepilok for caring for the helpless!
Sunshine Island Girl
Sunshine Island Girl 2 dagen geleden
Orangutans are too cute I always wanted one .
Rebecca Spires
Rebecca Spires 2 dagen geleden
I see so many things wrong here. Why didnt anyone catch this flu? How did that happen and where did he catch it from? And it’s so sad how he was made to perform when he felt so bad. Even wearing masks where animals can’t see your expressions is a tragedy and I think it will have a terrible negative impact on our world if it keeps up.
MEOW BOT 2 dagen geleden
Peanut, buddy, I would die for you. Everyone is on your side... and you are the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!
Erin Vandalay
Erin Vandalay 2 dagen geleden
Oh that precious, adorable sweetie. I wish I could cuddle him. 😘
PURA PAITHIYAM 2 dagen geleden
Omg im crying
Belle 2 dagen geleden
Peanut: Do you trust me? Me, an intellectual: With every atom in my body.
alejandro coronado
alejandro coronado 2 dagen geleden
4:00 🤣🤣🤣
Thomas Brennan
Thomas Brennan 2 dagen geleden
Uh-oh stinky poopy
Angelyn J
Angelyn J 3 dagen geleden
I am peanut on the daily :(
Silvia brikha
Silvia brikha 3 dagen geleden
Peanut is mood
Silvia brikha
Silvia brikha 3 dagen geleden
Oh my siblings and cousins look like him I’m sure we’re not related but idk
Silvia brikha
Silvia brikha 3 dagen geleden
Aww his eyes and lashes🥺🥺🥺
iza zai
iza zai 3 dagen geleden
poor peanut 😭😭
sascha jane
sascha jane 3 dagen geleden
Awww so cute, yet so sad.
Bailey Taylor
Bailey Taylor 3 dagen geleden
The most miserable orangutan there ever was.
AARON CLARK 3 dagen geleden
Reality is we share less than 2 percent of DNA... 98 percent of DNA is considered junk DNA. So she should have said 97 percent of the 2 percent that is not considered junk DNA is the same as ours.
dannyventure 3 dagen geleden
Doesn't know what to do? You just hung him from a rope - try putting him in a small tree. Honestly.
Some characters aren't allowed
Some characters aren't allowed 2 dagen geleden
You think the animal cares what the object it's climbing is?
Sharon Plume
Sharon Plume 3 dagen geleden
Beautiful sweet little baby 🥰🥰🥰🥰
ishani isha
ishani isha 3 dagen geleden
Peanut is the ABSOLUTE cute baby i’ve ever seen!
Ocean's Wonders
Ocean's Wonders 3 dagen geleden
What incredible, heartstring-tugging editing.
Avatar007 3 dagen geleden
They need to see people's full faces. They can trust more and learn more that way. I hope they take off their masks often. A bit sad to see.
Andrea P.
Andrea P. 3 dagen geleden
I couldn't do this job, I will be spoiling peanut every second and becoming his slave.
SL ***
SL *** 3 dagen geleden
Poor baby!!!
William c
William c 3 dagen geleden
The other orangutan is President of the United States of America.
Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine 3 dagen geleden
6:49 Orangapenis
Mythraen 3 dagen geleden
"Share 97% of their DNA." Wait until they find out that illnesses can be passed between bats and humans too.
Mythraen 15 uur geleden
@Michele Dunn-Hill I mean, the video upload date is August 29, so it shouldn't have been news then, either.
Michele Dunn-Hill
Michele Dunn-Hill 16 uur geleden
I think they know that now..
Ellen 3 dagen geleden
My belly aches from laughing! He's sayin; "You can't make me!"
Dunno Anyone
Dunno Anyone 3 dagen geleden
Anti biotic for a virus? 🙄 when will people learn!
Ben Ivanov
Ben Ivanov 3 dagen geleden
Monkeys are trippy when u think abt it, there so close to humans you know it’s odd if you think abt it, like Ik humans evolved from primates obviously but it’s still trippy
Warren Davis
Warren Davis 3 dagen geleden
So cute! Orange lives matter.
Emily S
Emily S 3 dagen geleden
Peanut you are precious I love you
Indio Loco
Indio Loco 3 dagen geleden
Humans & orangutans share 97% of the same DNA
ハッピーフェレットDat1HappyFerret 3 dagen geleden
Sacrifice My Life For Pakistan? Never Heard Of It.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sacrifice My Life For Peanut? That's The One I've Heard. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
Ocean Sky
Ocean Sky 3 dagen geleden
Idk why I still don’t like monkeys, the creep me out. Sorry if the that seems mean.
ProdSuperHiru 3 dagen geleden
We riding for Peanut ✊✊✊✊✊
Breanna Sosa-Lopez
Breanna Sosa-Lopez 3 dagen geleden
What a sweet little babe!!!
Jay S.
Jay S. 3 dagen geleden
When I heard Peanut crying my heart just broke. The poor little baby had no idea what to do...
Erica Lelle
Erica Lelle 3 dagen geleden
When he’s just hanging there on the rope crying, I want to walk in wearing a Chewy costume and let him hold onto me like he would on his mom. 🥺
Mr. Nihilist
Mr. Nihilist 4 dagen geleden
"You have to be tough, you have to make them do things they don't want to do" I clearly don't have what it takes to do this job. I'd have took Peanut back inside once he started crying and raised him human.
Jhojo R
Jhojo R 4 dagen geleden
I’m peanut
Wetblanket 4 dagen geleden
97% shared DNA with humans. Wrong. Humans closest genetic relatives are pigs. This is propaganda.
Wetblanket Dag geleden
@Some characters aren't allowed You're not real. and you'll soon find out what's real and what isn't.
Some characters aren't allowed
Some characters aren't allowed 2 dagen geleden
God isn't real.
bappadabucci 4 dagen geleden
Awww baby peanut.
Madison Kim
Madison Kim 4 dagen geleden
He’s so precious 😭❤️
Tommy F
Tommy F 4 dagen geleden
Stupid animal.
Egg Tortellini
Egg Tortellini 4 dagen geleden
Wow didn’t know there were so many Orangutan experts in the comments. Thank you all for commenting on his emotional state
NOTEZY Gaming 4 dagen geleden
Peanut is the kinda dude that you want in your life.
A. CT 4 dagen geleden
Poor baby he just wasn't feeling good ;(
SeikiBrian 4 dagen geleden
Influenza is caused by a virus, so why was he given an antibiotic? Antibiotics work on bacteria, not viruses. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics is the major cause of the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, through "survival of the fittest."
Julie Prinsloo
Julie Prinsloo 4 dagen geleden
loveley program thankyou think a lot of us are sometimes like peanut thinking we cant but we can
Kirito 4 dagen geleden
Me : Watching This And Eating *Peanut* And Realize. Also Me : *WHAT I HAVE DONE?!?!?*
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