How Do Dogs Know When You're Sad? | How Do Animals Do That?

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Did you know that Hagfish have a slimy special power that also makes them the most disgusting fish in the world? And how exactly do dogs know when we're sad?
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Kennedy Inman
Kennedy Inman 7 dagen geleden
The guy narrating sounds like the narrator from The Stanley Parable
MrRol52 9 dagen geleden
i have a dog for my PTSD...he is amazing and my best friend!
Eva Freeman
Eva Freeman 25 dagen geleden
I thought this was about dogs and it opened up with hagfish
Bacon Samurai
Bacon Samurai Maand geleden
I find it funny that my dog won't pay attention to me being sad or crying but my cat will
Erin 2 maanden geleden
My dog loves me but she’s like I’ll watch you cry. Or is like “god you’re so dramatic” and walks away
Meloveulongtime 2 maanden geleden
Ralph is a strange name for a woman?
NANCY BLUDGEON 2 maanden geleden
I came here for dogs and got a hag fish TIHI. I found the dog eventually... didn’t need to relive knowing about that fish.
Sohadry tv
Sohadry tv 2 maanden geleden
R H 2 maanden geleden
@ 2:00 🤢🤮
hudor tunnel
hudor tunnel 2 maanden geleden
During this crisis, that sense of smell could be used by dogs in detecting covid fast if properly trained.
mahboi64 2 maanden geleden
The girl with the service dog is reallllly pretty
thomas nikkola
thomas nikkola 2 maanden geleden
I mean why would you point that out? It's a little bit inappropriate. A feeling like that is better left private.
Allergic sa Bobo
Allergic sa Bobo 2 maanden geleden
I dunno why there are so many idiots complaining here in the comment section, first of all the very title of the show is "How do Animals do that" and the dog scene is a part of the show and is the main attraction.. i'm so confused about the idiots making fuss about the opening scene about the hagfish..
Raw D
Raw D 3 maanden geleden
1:52 eew
KittySnicker 3 maanden geleden
Very irrelevant beginning to this video
Amanda AmandaCasausSanchez
Amanda AmandaCasausSanchez 3 maanden geleden
I am very confused as to what the heck was the purpose of the slime at the beginning of the video. Am I missing something??🙄🤔🤷
Mahela Munasinghe
Mahela Munasinghe 3 maanden geleden
Yeah sure..taste the thing that an animal secretes as a defence to deter predators. Smart
SappyApy 4 maanden geleden
Man.... this video opens up very unexpectedly
tiggy 4 maanden geleden
Daren Castle
Daren Castle 4 maanden geleden
Perthectic criminals amazon advertising and supporting death to get loads and loads a business how come they ordered hundreds off vans and were all registered and all employers ready for covid
Nic holas
Nic holas 4 maanden geleden
Hag fish are delicious
Lovely Places To Visit
Lovely Places To Visit 4 maanden geleden
Interesting informations! 😮
Sam Watts
Sam Watts 4 maanden geleden
Ewww to the slime....I actually gagged
The Hokage
The Hokage 4 maanden geleden
This experiment was terrible lol
SAY UNCLE!!! 4 maanden geleden
Wow. Dogs are nothing like a Hagfish.
Abdulaziz Mohd
Abdulaziz Mohd 4 maanden geleden
People who hold thier breath when he said that 😂
jayvids4u 4 maanden geleden
Best friend is an understatement Dogs are blessings and family members who have equal purpose in our lives. #rescueadog
SSS🌙 4 maanden geleden
My dogs are better to me than the human-type fam!
Ben B
Ben B 4 maanden geleden
She is so shy that she wants to be on tv? BS
Rodrigo Tejada
Rodrigo Tejada 4 maanden geleden
When you have a purpose, the purpose HELPS handle the anxiety. I teach and have bad social anxiety and I can see someone going around, with her therapy dog FOR SOCIAL ANXIETY, explaining how it works to a small crew, maybe even just a Cameraman. Jeezuz.
Robert Petersen
Robert Petersen 4 maanden geleden
That's what I was thinking. I dont even suffer from severe anxiety and I'm terrified of home cameras, let alone all the kind of cameras/producers/attention that goes into making an international TV program.
Double-Edge 4 maanden geleden
I have an anxiety disorder and even I think this is bullshit, you're right.
Fisherdanpro23 4 maanden geleden
My dog is good for This. I suffer from panic attacks. My dog would be laying down and all of a sudden I would begin to have a panic attack and right before it hits, my dog will get up immediately lay on me and start licking my face. Once she feels that I'm okay she would lay on my lap. She has no training for this either. All natural
Tiny yo
Tiny yo 3 maanden geleden
Fisherdanpro23 May I ask what breed your dog is? I have a German shepherd X Belgian Malinois and he does this 😊 no training either
Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma 4 maanden geleden
I love this story
Tom Miller
Tom Miller 4 maanden geleden
Totally UNIMPRESSED with the FAKE start. Where was your EDITOR??? Do you even have an EDITOR???
Deformiter 4 maanden geleden
The video the title is referring to starts at 2:40
R H 2 maanden geleden
Thank you
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio 4 maanden geleden
Bboss GR
Bboss GR 4 maanden geleden
01:58 my stomach come out of my mouth..
Hui Mankit
Hui Mankit 4 maanden geleden
I'm top 500 then
RoRo D
RoRo D 4 maanden geleden
Muhammad Faryad
Muhammad Faryad 4 maanden geleden
I am first viewer form Pakistan
][ 4 maanden geleden
I'm form Mars
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