Ed Stafford Makes BBQ Rat For Breakfast | Ed Stafford: First Man Out

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Ed Stafford is racing across a Chinese mountain range and catches a rat on the second day. Despite its small size, the meat and innards provide the protein and minerals required to survive, as well as giving him a well needed mental and energy boost to be the first man out.
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Gerwin K
Gerwin K 2 dagen geleden
I Will eat human By breakfast tast finger licking good
Sugar Pop
Sugar Pop 7 dagen geleden
What the hell did I just watch?
ASA HOKAGE 9 dagen geleden
that rat was planted
Bisikletli Adam
Bisikletli Adam 10 dagen geleden
Konya ve civarında tarih-i ve gizemli yerleri geziyorum. Bisiklet, bushcraft kamp ve tırmanış videoları çekiyorum. Kurgu yok tamamiyle doğal videolar. Kanalıma beklerim.
nikita agrawal
nikita agrawal 14 dagen geleden
F Bomb
F Bomb 14 dagen geleden
Crazy as fuck, I do not even watch tv anymore. I mean cable. Still got nutflux thing. But that’s it
RC Repo
RC Repo 14 dagen geleden
I did a lot of meth when i was younger. i feel like i know this guy.
Jason Genova
Jason Genova 15 dagen geleden
I dont want to say it's fake but its extremely hard to believe a tiny probably 7lbs thin rock could kill a rat the way it did.
Robin B
Robin B 15 dagen geleden
King Reo
King Reo 15 dagen geleden
Trump. 2020
Trump. 2020 15 dagen geleden
And then of course I was forced to drink my own urine!
Twinboys Twinboys
Twinboys Twinboys 15 dagen geleden
Love this stuff do More
Daniel Mcmanus
Daniel Mcmanus 15 dagen geleden
Mmmmm Ratatouille for breakfast mind leave the eyes in to see you through the weekend 😂
John Wolf
John Wolf 15 dagen geleden
the rat is a paid actor
Zaheer Israeel
Zaheer Israeel 15 dagen geleden
How dare you to be a such disgusting person
Tomas Pizano
Tomas Pizano 15 dagen geleden
"Rat for breakfast"
Tomas Pizano
Tomas Pizano 15 dagen geleden
This man can survive anything.
Julia Harding
Julia Harding 15 dagen geleden
i'm cold just by watching this video
Z1BABOUINOS 15 dagen geleden
But why? So many juicy BATS aroud...🙄
1 1
1 1 15 dagen geleden
In our country the people who eats rat we call it chuhar.
Benton Kuntz
Benton Kuntz 15 dagen geleden
Yall are acting like this is some diseased vile creature. He's in the wilderness away from all the human pollution. That rat is just as clean, if not more clean, than the food you would eat on a regular basis
Benton Kuntz
Benton Kuntz 13 dagen geleden
@Iron Fist No1 First off, it's spelled plague. Second, the bubonic plague that you are referring to is nearly extinct. Third, as I've already stated previously, this animal is away from human pollution. That rat is much much cleaner and healthier for you to eat than the greasy processed foods you eat everyday.
Iron Fist No1
Iron Fist No1 14 dagen geleden
Theirs rats that still carry the Plauge
Benton Kuntz
Benton Kuntz 15 dagen geleden
@Murder Bong That's what I'm saying! I would try it even if I wasn't in a survival scenario honestly. Who knows, it might actually taste good
Murder Bong
Murder Bong 15 dagen geleden
I would eat it for sure! It's not a 'city' rat.
STONEDCOLDCHILLER K 15 dagen geleden
Something is very off about this... That trap was complete shit. There’s no way it killed the rat. So fucking staged. How pathetic of discovery channel to fake content. Like there isn’t enough interesting shit out there with nature.
Tyson Potato
Tyson Potato 15 dagen geleden
Petition to get full episodes uploaded to youtube
STONEDCOLDCHILLER K 15 dagen geleden
Why did he take his tooth out???? Didn’t even say why. He’s just like... “HEY TOOK MY TOOTH OUT GUYS HERES FIREWOOD”
Ironbudha 721
Ironbudha 721 15 dagen geleden
Praetorian 15 dagen geleden
He can eat that with some bat soup and he will fit right in with those monsters.
Каво Чиво
Каво Чиво 15 dagen geleden
what a douchebag
SABER PLUS CHANNEL 15 dagen geleden
Valeu está steffod
che sh
che sh 15 dagen geleden
He's missing a tooth again. 👀🤣
Aye Trey Ω
Aye Trey Ω 15 dagen geleden
Disease for breakfast 😂
niih macedo
niih macedo 15 dagen geleden
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
DLD 77
DLD 77 15 dagen geleden
"Breakfast for champions. " -Ed stafford
upacara tujuh belasan Arifin
upacara tujuh belasan Arifin 15 dagen geleden
awesome. 😀👍
Ronald Perez
Ronald Perez 15 dagen geleden
0:18 dirk-girl.com
Moses Jonson
Moses Jonson 15 dagen geleden
BBQ Rat 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
chris andrus
chris andrus 15 dagen geleden
To be honest I would rather watch LIVE PD. I know thats a&e lol
A M Ryan
A M Ryan 15 dagen geleden
Omg you are sick.
chris andrus
chris andrus 15 dagen geleden
🤣 I agree! Its nasty'
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 15 dagen geleden
No way that rat was killed by that think slab of rock
lil earbud
lil earbud 2 dagen geleden
IK dude its crazy lol! You see like 6 pound rocks turn rats into pancakes but like it WORKS which is surprising
Joe Uriel Cabriles
Joe Uriel Cabriles 15 dagen geleden
First confirmed positive comment
Biopics 123
Biopics 123 15 dagen geleden
Literally the 1% people who reading. May your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Live more than 100 year with good health #
Unhack Mypc
Unhack Mypc 15 dagen geleden
looks like the rat was a paid 1
not na
not na 15 dagen geleden
i saw the same rat at a 9-11 footage. definitely paid actor or cia.
Brainstorming Plus
Brainstorming Plus 15 dagen geleden
OMG! Simply beyond unbelievable! "Welcome to the jungle."
Bru Brother Gaming
Bru Brother Gaming 15 dagen geleden
Come n visit tripura
Just Reading The Comments
Just Reading The Comments 15 dagen geleden
Ed is absolutely awesome!
King Reo
King Reo 15 dagen geleden
He’s available ladies! 😉😉😂🤣
Guppy13-14 15 dagen geleden
I could never eat a rodent
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