Young Orangutans Prematurely Attempt To Live In The Wild | Meet The Orangutans

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Kacy and Lumi are very confident young orangutans, they have advanced through forest school very quickly however, they aren't quite ready for the big leap to life in the wild.
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SMOKEY 21 uur geleden
Animals prematurely attempting to live in the wild? Um, wut?
Lass-in Angeles
Lass-in Angeles 2 dagen geleden
I think that you can make money with Orangutan Yoga classes.
La magie du magicien
La magie du magicien 5 dagen geleden
John Adams
John Adams 6 dagen geleden
Do they know there own names?? I'd really love to know that.. I'm guessing yes they do to some degree..I'd love to know to what degree ..
John Adams
John Adams 6 dagen geleden
The jumping kills me..haha shes trying new shit.. it's crazy but u cant blame her..the way they move threw the trees is insane anyway
Cherie Burns
Cherie Burns 7 dagen geleden
Still amazing cry every time l watch this
Teh Ga
Teh Ga 9 dagen geleden
the real tarzan 😁
The Internet Astronauts
The Internet Astronauts 10 dagen geleden
imagine after WW3 a race of aliens start doing something like this with us
electricfuturegod *
electricfuturegod * 12 dagen geleden
I absolutely adore orangutans! I must have watched 100+ clips/videos and I can't get enough.They have stolen my heart
name 12 dagen geleden
4:16 Brilliant martial arts move to get out of wrist lock! ROFL
Irna 15 dagen geleden
Owh so sweet, they looks healty and enjoy
Tammi Harman
Tammi Harman 16 dagen geleden
To all of the caregivers thank you!! God bless
Dr Jxke
Dr Jxke 17 dagen geleden
Who else now wants to live on that island with all of the,
nkd2883 20 dagen geleden
I would have these poo flinging tree rats euthanized and send all these people to real jobs helping human children. Until all the humans have been taken care of we needn’t waste our resources on these self-absorbed obnoxious little pursuits playing with monkeys. Keep their DNA on file if we need to regenerate their species in the future we can always do it. If they can’t make it on their own.... so be it. Humans come first!
Angela Youngson
Angela Youngson 22 dagen geleden
Amazing people 😍
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop 23 dagen geleden
If the orangutan are learning from their mothers then it's not instinct, it's learned behavior.
Valdis Freibergs
Valdis Freibergs 27 dagen geleden
💐🗿🛏️ Simple Life,As Everyone Assume.
RottenSister 28 dagen geleden
Hih, just like my daughter Lumi 🤭❤
Nagin Rathod
Nagin Rathod 29 dagen geleden
God bless all of the team for great achievement in providing and supporting the orangutans from extinction. You are the angels of the wildlife and extinction of the apes.
Javier Vega
Javier Vega Maand geleden
I can’t stop watching this
Josh-the-mediocre Maand geleden
I'm so in love with what all these people are doing for the world..Orangutans are so important.
forestghost7 Maand geleden
Good on you Josh! I'm a contributor to Sepilok; I "adopted " the very needy Budi 3 yrs ago - if only the whole world could see your comment. Orangutans keep the rainforests going thru seed dispersal, they do have a purpose. Without them, I shudder to think ...
BB H Maand geleden
I love watching these gentle beautiful animals...
Josh Winston
Josh Winston Maand geleden
Useless fat and lazy pigs(0rangutan) good for nothing except for eating.
No U
No U 25 dagen geleden
@forestghost7 there's also subreddit for investigating why some people hate monkey so much
forestghost7 Maand geleden
@Josh Winston You and your pack of sadistic cannibals have become the laughing stock of NLposts. So just keep vomiting your toxic comments and entertaining us, you are so outnumbered.
Bojan Matijevic
Bojan Matijevic Maand geleden
I wish one beby orangutan, no older 1 irs. I vont biting, fighting end terrorized 24/7 i wish. I don't like that UGLY CRYCHER'S🐵🔨🔨🔨Lumy
GregoryTheGr8ster Maand geleden
I have to admit that I would enjoy having an orangutan as a pet--I would like to test their intelligence, more than anything--but I would be completely guilt-ridden if I did. They deserve to be with each other in their natural habitat.
becky Sawyer
becky Sawyer Maand geleden
They’re so precious
Sheryl Welter
Sheryl Welter Maand geleden
Thank you for these great video's! So sweet!
Eldere Pyper
Eldere Pyper Maand geleden
Oooooh those faces.... Ha 😃
Liz L
Liz L Maand geleden
Very nice place to live💕. Carers, vet care, good food, fresh air and plenty of room. I wouldn’t leave😂
Wake Up
Wake Up Maand geleden
Just build a city for them. It’s time to bring them out the forest where they are going extinct and teach them how to build cities and hospitals and drive cars. It’s evolution right? So let them evolve.
Sheldor The Grey
Sheldor The Grey Maand geleden
I hope you are joking, if they were to "evolve" it would be extremely slow like in the good thousands of years even then they are still in their early stone age.
Alana Corbella
Alana Corbella Maand geleden
Ken Erickson “ a city FOR them....” “...teach them...” “...LET them evolve..” You do understand why you sound like an idiot, right?
EM Maand geleden
I’d love to see a video update of little Orangutan baby peanut when he gets bigger. That little guy must be the cutest animal on the internet.
ً 9 dagen geleden
EM 13 dagen geleden
Gaspard Savoureux thank you
Gaspard Savoureux
Gaspard Savoureux 13 dagen geleden
I believe he has been released in the wild in 2017. The video of him baby is actually quite old, despite the fact that it has been uploaded recently. Here is an article talking further of his release:
Jim Y
Jim Y Maand geleden
Smart orang. She knows a forward roll brakes the handlers hold. Mma fans everywhere rejoice
Sofia Tsaernev
Sofia Tsaernev Maand geleden
Kacy has fabulous hair.
silvergypsey Maand geleden
They both look like a couple of thugs
Angel Maand geleden
I want to work there😍
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor Maand geleden
Guaranteed when the males get big and older they will be highly territorial. They won’t want the family or buddy system anymore and will fight to kill the others. This experiment is doomed unless they have more land
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor Maand geleden
Makka Pakka I do wish your idea was true btw.
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor Maand geleden
Makka Pakka no. Sorry but they do hurt each other bad. I’ve seen adults attack and maul other orangutans 🦧. Without a medical team to help infections cause death pretty quickly
nymom 750
nymom 750 Maand geleden
@Warslave What did I say that was a lie...
Makka Pakka
Makka Pakka Maand geleden
No non where killed they don’t kill the were raised to be friendly to others and already have friendships with some
nymom 750
nymom 750 Maand geleden
@Warslave Maybe it's like a lion's dark luxurious mane. Testosterone creates these lavish displays of dominance...
Assiya Assiya
Assiya Assiya Maand geleden
liz impey
liz impey Maand geleden
Such dedicated people who look after the orphaned orangutans warm my heart. I love to see the youngsters grow and mature into marvellous creatures. Thank you for sharing 👍🤗
Rohit Chavda
Rohit Chavda Maand geleden
I love this cute orang otang babys they are cute
marvada jitesh
marvada jitesh Maand geleden
Theykilled Joel
Theykilled Joel Maand geleden
Especially the adult orangutans look so much like people. And i can tell male from female by the face most the time
Oshin Haroon Gill
Oshin Haroon Gill Maand geleden
I like when animals live the life they deserve.
Mark Collins
Mark Collins Maand geleden
You guys do nothing but good in the world✅
Seif Costa
Seif Costa Maand geleden
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