Inexperienced Crew Member Almost Falls Overboard | Deadliest Catch

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Jake has three greenhorns that must face the worst fishing conditions and learn fast, although that could mean risking their lives.
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Newshound 2 maanden geleden
That looks like the sort of shit you need to be shown before going to sea really.
HardRockMiner 2 maanden geleden
Wtf happened to Mike Rowe..!?
thatguy 00
thatguy 00 2 maanden geleden
I just watched the deadliest catch episode of mythbusters where they tested the deadman’s knot. Shits crazy yo 😟
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography 2 maanden geleden
Jake knows all too well the dangers of going overboard. Look at Saga's history several crew went overboard in the past if you go overboard you pull them out because if you go into the Bering Straits your dead that water is 80 below if you go in there you don't come back alive. They got to learn fast our they will be another frozen body at the bottom of the Bering Straits. There are Three Rules you have to learn or you end up at the bottom of the Bering Straits: Rule 1. when tossing the hook don't toss underhand or you will hook yourself and someone will get injured. Rule 2. when pulling a pot don't touch the lines until the buoys are on the deck or the line will pull you into the coiler or into the sea. and Rule 3. don't stand on the shots or place coiled rope on the deck if you do this and there is a loaded pot on the launcher you can get keelhauled and lose your legs and your arms and you can be pulled overboard. Ask Wild Bill he had a greenhorn that got pulled over on the Summer Bay the greenhorn did not listen.
Julian 2 maanden geleden
Naruto Vibes
Naruto Vibes 2 maanden geleden
They should be tied to the ship
Vân Lại
Vân Lại 2 maanden geleden
C.J CJ 2 maanden geleden
That guy was 3 seconds from being dead !
Yo Xx
Yo Xx 2 maanden geleden
Ashu zero_one
Ashu zero_one 2 maanden geleden
First view, I am sailor. Please appreciate seafarers also.
Beyond Curiosity
Beyond Curiosity 2 maanden geleden
Okay, imma the first
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