Seals Save Divers' Lives By Forming An Angry Mob Against A White Shark | Air Jaws: Strikes Back

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These seals are fierce! They formed an angry mob and pushed a white shark to deep waters to save the divers from being attacked.
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Mike Mike
Mike Mike 2 dagen geleden
Human stupidity at its best.
Patti Simmons
Patti Simmons 3 dagen geleden
So the SEALS protected the divers/photographers from the shark Nat Geo, Discovery channel and OTHER "Nature Photographers stand by and LET the shark kill the seals. WHO exactly has MORE compassion and understanding? Hint: I don't think it's the humans smdh
small one
small one 4 dagen geleden
I'd be sacking him on the inflatable
small one
small one 4 dagen geleden
Should we let the divers know there's a shark coming..?...oh go on then why not 🤔🤨😏🙄
Joel John
Joel John 6 dagen geleden
This is really scary
Jose Ocasio
Jose Ocasio 8 dagen geleden
Ok those r news u keep to ur self u dork if a shark is coming unbelievable question at that time !!!!
George Reyes
George Reyes 10 dagen geleden
Aww we should take more care of seals
AMANDA SWORLD 11 dagen geleden
Totally amazing animals are wonderful.
Anonymous Leaks
Anonymous Leaks 11 dagen geleden
U know they was punching the air after this video like u realy debates in telling us a shark was coming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Justin Delgado
Justin Delgado 12 dagen geleden
Lol when the guy with the drones job is to look for sharks to warn divers he then ask should we tell them? Fire that man doesn’t have anyone’s back
Scipio Africanus
Scipio Africanus 13 dagen geleden
Only Americans can make wild animals look like they have more common sense than humans
Prabhukumar Ch
Prabhukumar Ch 14 dagen geleden
Random Rangoon
Random Rangoon 14 dagen geleden
Unaware because the camera guy and pilot are to busy asking if they should warn them lol
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell 14 dagen geleden
Thought it was a crock of S... but when the seals were all huddled above it and pushing it out then they all turned around and came back so either thats normal or they wanted to help
Sarah Strong
Sarah Strong 15 dagen geleden
Sharks have such smiley faces.
Xtian Twale
Xtian Twale 17 dagen geleden
I feel every shark is just a friendly killer psycho i mean look qt that smile
DenimDay-Roblox and more fun things
DenimDay-Roblox and more fun things 17 dagen geleden
Who would be this dumb
bobbish warren
bobbish warren 19 dagen geleden
I blame the drone watcher, if anything blood would had been on his hands.
Vincent Vuna
Vincent Vuna 20 dagen geleden
Amazing video, stupid crew. Honestly
Tan Lan
Tan Lan 20 dagen geleden
Even if the divers were in no danger you should still inform them! Why was this even a question!?
radar 24 dagen geleden
Mammals brotherhood.
a peaceful world
a peaceful world Maand geleden
A miracle from above ?
Tevon Jackson
Tevon Jackson Maand geleden
We don’t deserve seals
William Hitching
William Hitching Maand geleden
Wat a great mate
Michael Vonhaven
Michael Vonhaven Maand geleden
Tell me that seals don't have souls
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography Maand geleden
good thing those seals were there or JAWS would be snacking on them. If you are in the water with seals don't move and the spotter should be on the lookout incase JAWS shows up and you should not be in the water when JAWS shows up he will eat you.
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Alvarez Maand geleden
"I think we need to let thg e guys know the sharks coming" dumbass!!!!
Marius Holmberts
Marius Holmberts Maand geleden
Good sea doggos
Arkya Das
Arkya Das Maand geleden
Sharks don't eat humans.
Betrayed223 Maand geleden
Drama drama drama they would’ve done that anyway
buyung reza
buyung reza Maand geleden
The seals are much smarter than the drone pilot..
This Guy
This Guy Maand geleden
when the seal is more concerned about the safety of the diver than his friend
Sheri French
Sheri French Maand geleden
These seals are courageous as well as intelligent & compassionate. They risked their own lives against their worst nightmare of a predator for The divers around them, This story is heart felt amazing💞
trashiest potato
trashiest potato Maand geleden
He's low ready to rise n attack mode. Yeah let em no stupid
trashiest potato
trashiest potato Maand geleden
Alot of people don't like seals cause it eats fish. Leave em alone black fish eats em. What u call killer wale
20k subs with ZERO videos challenge.
20k subs with ZERO videos challenge. Maand geleden
Shame on you people in the boat. It shouldn't be 'should we tell them' it should be 'YES!! HURRY!! RUN (SWIM) FOR YOUR LIVES!!!'. No hesitation should be present.
Nathaniel Bradford
Nathaniel Bradford Maand geleden
They owe those seals a s@&t load of fish I think 🤔
Dipesh Patil
Dipesh Patil Maand geleden
This shows humans are not powerful. This only means everyone's a boss in their yard.
Dipesh Patil
Dipesh Patil Maand geleden
@Raptor 501st absolutely!
Raptor 501st
Raptor 501st Maand geleden
You know the most dangerous "creature" of the seas is a nuclear submarine right?
Speedzone Speedforce
Speedzone Speedforce Maand geleden
Never, ever, would I want the guy on the boat to 'cover my back.' No one needs a 'jokester' with a big shark heading towards them. The seals did the 'humane' thing, potentially jeopardising one of their own. Goodness!!
obiwanfx Maand geleden
"should we tell the guys there is a shark comming?".....No just let them find out themselves for the heck of it! Really the guy you need in your team
Lee Suuton
Lee Suuton Maand geleden
Tom Lautenbach had just found out the cameraman had been seeing his Mrs behind his back !
msul78 Maand geleden
“Should we tell the guys there’s a shark coming?” Naah.. let's just wait a bit and see what happens
Darrin Bledsoe
Darrin Bledsoe Maand geleden
I would of got in the boat went chasing after the shark an tossed my good friend in there beside it. Should we tell them there's a shark coming.
Paul Allans
Paul Allans Maand geleden
Guy in the boat. We have the drown overhead to look over the divers. Oh shoot theres a great white shark coming towards the divers. Should we tell them? Nah it will be funnier hearing their reactions.
Obiwan Shinobi
Obiwan Shinobi Maand geleden
If i were the diver, i would punch that drone operator the moment i get off the water
Beautiful People
Beautiful People Maand geleden
Strange Animals you might not see before.5 Rare Animals in the World. Includes The Barreleye Fish, The Deep-Sea Lurker That Hunts Using Shadows, The shoebill looks prehistoric in part because it is ‘Sea Cockroach’ called Bathynomus raksasa Largest known species of supergiant isopods in the world. “supergiant” isopods, which can grow up to 20 inches, Giant Squid and Owl parrots. Some of them are on the path of extinction…..
Beautiful People
Beautiful People Maand geleden
Is it possible to Survive 28 hours alone in the Shark-Infested Ocean?
SumthinaboutDes Desiree
SumthinaboutDes Desiree Maand geleden
I found this video extremely selfish and dangerous to place the lives of other people in danger all for a video is disgusting it also lets me know the lack of value they had for filming wildlife they put the seals in danger as well because they were trying to protect the person because they knew that the people in the water we’re defenseless against the shark
TheG7thcapo Maand geleden
Nah... that’s not a real shark. That’s a the new Traxxas RC fish
Pyro Raptor
Pyro Raptor Maand geleden
Theres a reason why bbc is way above this documentary channel
Terence Galland
Terence Galland Maand geleden
Seals recognise humans as friends they are an intelligent species, the seas are their allotments the sharks are there vermin!
YvenereyStarlight OT6Vixx
YvenereyStarlight OT6Vixx Maand geleden
The shark🦈 smiled.
Tommy McCarthy
Tommy McCarthy Maand geleden
The movie Jaws has really scared a lot of people. Both divers were safe. The crew knew it, hence why they didn't say anything. The whole "Should we tell them" thing was just tv drama.
Hairy Wombat
Hairy Wombat Maand geleden
Sharks 🦈 are beautiful
KFC IS AWSOME Maand geleden
“Should we warn the guys about the shark” Me: YEA YA FUCKIN THINK
Mike DC
Mike DC Maand geleden
The seals are like dumb humans. Tried to tell them. So they had to help them. Gotta love nature. But if that shark was a great white adult. The shark would have ate one of the seals.
Getthefuckoffmylawn Maand geleden
That's amazing
timelesskoontah Maand geleden
Uhhhh the shark wasn't coming for the guys but for the seals ...
NoMas Chalupas
NoMas Chalupas Maand geleden
So seals sive their own hides and because people are there they are doing it for the humans sake. Lol
Charmly Gamer
Charmly Gamer Maand geleden
Lewis Hibbert
Lewis Hibbert Maand geleden
That guy on the boat is a total prick! If I was one of those divers, I would've beat his ass and chucked him in the water right by the shark!
Mt vta
Mt vta Maand geleden
Of course, u should tell the diver a shark is approaching. Are u stupid or what?
Nate Hillman
Nate Hillman Maand geleden
Drone pilot - uh we should probably tell the guys theres a shark, uh do you want me to tell them theres a shark coming? Narrator - the crew has no idea a shark is coming for them. Drone pilot - hey guys, did you see that shark? Divers = no, there was a shark?
Lenard Torres
Lenard Torres Maand geleden
Should we tell the diver there's a shark?,Only white ppl ask questions like this.. If your normal, you wouldn't even tell him. Instead get him tf out immediately
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez Maand geleden
Brock S
Brock S Maand geleden
Camera guy - Resume - Reason for termination from last job - Diver eaten by shark......
im in the litty commity
im in the litty commity Maand geleden
fajar ristianda
fajar ristianda Maand geleden
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, there are people who devoted their life saving seals' from, entanglement, fishing net, or fishing hook.
Keith nunya
Keith nunya Maand geleden
Should we tell the guys that theres a shark coming??????? ya think?!
Indo Olderguy
Indo Olderguy Maand geleden
Well at least one species has learnt to fight with us against a common predator.
ashraf tarabishi
ashraf tarabishi Maand geleden
And then we humans go out and kill seals for fun.
Luciano Aliquo
Luciano Aliquo Maand geleden
That's a bad spotter dam, his job is to keep a eye on them and to warn for sharks
Iowa Green
Iowa Green 2 maanden geleden
Those seals are probably thinking Humans are less intelligent than they are.
Leslie Mize
Leslie Mize 2 maanden geleden
Should we tell them the sharks hell yes you should ..i would have beat the sweet Jesus hell out of that schmuck
Rob S.
Rob S. 2 maanden geleden
The shark wanted the seals since that's their main prey, not the diver.
National Toygraphic TV
National Toygraphic TV 2 maanden geleden
유투브의 알고리즘이 나를 이곳으로 이끌었다 ㅋㅋ 왜일까 신기해~!!
Nikos Smouliotis
Nikos Smouliotis 2 maanden geleden
Heroes of the day!
PREMS 2 maanden geleden
Humane seals💓💓💓💓
Mario Fachini
Mario Fachini 2 maanden geleden
For the 1 person out there thinking the shark was CGI and this was just for ratings, yes the shark was a plant, and part of their crew, he was swimming away to get back on the boat since his scene was done
Mario Fachini
Mario Fachini 2 maanden geleden
Of course the seals were trying to warn the divers because heaven forbid THEIR CREW tried doing it 1st
games amazing
games amazing 2 maanden geleden
Ocean awesome
Luuk Stelder
Luuk Stelder 2 maanden geleden
So easy to assume that the seals were trying to save the divers from the shark rather than the other way around. Maybe the seals were trying to warn the shark of the divers presence and tried to lure him away since people kill about a million sharks every year🤷🏻‍♂️
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 maanden geleden
“White shark” Geez man, everything has to be about race nowadays
marcus24000 2 maanden geleden
its sweet how all these intelegent sea creatures help humans except sharks.
Mary Wilke
Mary Wilke 2 maanden geleden
Gee... I wonder how they got the shark on film, if they didn't even know it was there? I call BS.
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones 2 maanden geleden
They would’ve been ok- it’s only a Great White after all..
Emergency Personnel
Emergency Personnel 2 maanden geleden
Never ceases to amaze me the grandiose love in these wonderful creatures God bless
Matthew Hoyle
Matthew Hoyle 2 maanden geleden
Shark was just checking out the menu. Coming back later with the wife and kids for the all you can eat buffet.
Janus Kruger
Janus Kruger 2 maanden geleden
Drone pilot: "Should we tell the guys there is a shark coming?" Any sane person: "Yes please" Me: No😱😱 lets just leave two defenceless divers who happen to be in the middle of an all out shark BUFFET MENU in peace!!! They'll be fine!!! They should be able to see it through the cloud of dust caused be the MASSING OF SEALS ALL AROUND THEM!!! WHAT. DO. YOU. THINK. YOU. SHOULD. DO. YA. TWAT?!
Beautiful People
Beautiful People 2 maanden geleden
23 million years oldest living species - ARAPAIMA, Air-Breathing Fish called “dinosaur fish” ………
Cheddxx Aja
Cheddxx Aja 2 maanden geleden
Bro if that shark had a gold rush it would be over
DVH Gaming
DVH Gaming Maand geleden
Pox 2 maanden geleden
should we tell them about the shark? ahh they're finee
Michael Clover
Michael Clover 2 maanden geleden
Private Eyes
Private Eyes 2 maanden geleden
Should we let them know there is a shark coming right at them?😒🤔 No why would we do that we are only here to watch out for the divers just in case.
Brian Lennox-Smith
Brian Lennox-Smith 2 maanden geleden
Seals are our friends
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston 2 maanden geleden
Just perhaps,seals are learning how to defend themselves from sharks.Natural selection at its best.
gtracer66 2 maanden geleden
I would not have been surprised had it been a pod of dolphin. Didn't expect such behavior from seals. Usually you see seals as the victims.
Christy Mitchell
Christy Mitchell 2 maanden geleden
Wow! That’s incredible. Animals really do protect humans
Axl Neztsosie
Axl Neztsosie 2 maanden geleden
Swimming with the seals that's some Strange Wilderness shit right there hahahaha
soheil samavati
soheil samavati 2 maanden geleden
The people need to see it, and see how animals protect humans and what human do to them 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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