How Did Jupiter Become The Largest Planet In The Solar System? | How The Universe Works

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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, which has confounded scientists as the gas giant shouldn’t have been able to survive long enough to create a core of its size. New astronomical observations, however, have changed the way science understands the process of planet formation, rewriting the history of Jupiter as well as explaining how it got to be so large.
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Nick Shulhin
Nick Shulhin Dag geleden
In summary: Pebbles
Akabearclaw 2 dagen geleden
Then you realize our sun is a small star
Will S
Will S 2 dagen geleden
Pebbles. Really? This video didn't explain why Jupiter is the size it became. Was it just by chance or was it that planet bodies formed in that particular orbit for the Sun's mass will nearly always form a massive planet like Jupiter. Jupiter's size is either because of orbital mechanics or there was a chance event (planetary collision) which would explain Jupiter's size.
Wet Noodlez
Wet Noodlez 2 dagen geleden
So what you are saying is all I need to get taller is gain mass rapidly. Can't wait to be 8'2 750
hellcat1988 9 dagen geleden
It's videos like this that make me wish that I had access to a supercomputer so I could run sims to see if the gas giants were formed around the same time as the sun itself, and the sun just beat out the gas giants for enough gas for ignition. I'd also like to see what the sims would say for various sizes of rocky cores in the sun pre-ignition and how that would affect it's size and lifespan.
Spok 10 dagen geleden
5:37 It's the Martian invasion fleet! The real reason why Jupiter is too big: too much sugar.
SCB709 11 dagen geleden
4:24 it looks like po just used the wuxi finger hold on tai lung
Алексей Спб
Алексей Спб 14 dagen geleden
Hi People, im from jupiter) my planet is very big, We have 16000 different countries, and our People speak 13000 different languages) presinet of my counry is 5 legged dog, though my mom is a molecular formation, my dad has 3 bodies and his Name is Jeb)
facesfolder 15 dagen geleden
👽 Flat Earthers hate this video for sure 🤣👉 😡🖕
Dawa Jailani
Dawa Jailani 15 dagen geleden
Ghiaccio Frame
Ghiaccio Frame 15 dagen geleden
Time to feed Jupiter more pebbles!
The Truth Never Told
The Truth Never Told 15 dagen geleden
All lies.. you have no dam idea how. That's it a guess.
James Crabbe
James Crabbe 15 dagen geleden
If you can properly spell I’d might take your comments serious.
Reaper 6
Reaper 6 15 dagen geleden
Its threedog from fallout
SVM 15 dagen geleden
Until the next theory comes out this is what we are expected to believe, scientists
lotarus wing
lotarus wing 15 dagen geleden
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Rexie R
Rexie R 15 dagen geleden
We can't always explain things in our very limiting linear time frame.
Devil RedHD
Devil RedHD 16 dagen geleden
2nd watch through.. i love how astronomers say "the solar system was created so and so years ago".. like, *how do you know though?* ....we cant even get most polls correct half the time and computers aren't always correct either. its all guesstimations and broad theories if you ask me, not facts.. but dont take my word for it, putting my trousers on the right way first thing in a morning is like rocket science
Devil RedHD
Devil RedHD 13 dagen geleden
@Sudazima well i must say thats truley awe inspiring, thank you for taking the time to enlighten my curiosity, much appreciated
Sudazima 14 dagen geleden
@Devil RedHD we kind of can actually, the oldest crust on earth and most asteroids are just as old as any planet since they all formed from the same material at roughly the same time.
Devil RedHD
Devil RedHD 14 dagen geleden
@Sudazimafascinating 😄have we ever sent rover units to Saturn to take samples to test? Sorry i should do my own research.. i just find it strange since we cant exactly cut a planet in half and get samples from the core itself.
Sudazima 14 dagen geleden
nuclear isotope ratios is one of the best estimates for age, by seeing how much uranium for example has converted into lead you get a very accurate estimate for how much time has passed.
mzamroni 16 dagen geleden
Jupiter: I'm not fat. I'm just gassy
Jacob Corrao
Jacob Corrao 16 dagen geleden
That's funny because when you look up into the night sky all the visible wandering stars (or "planets" baha) look the same size.
В мире животных
В мире животных 16 dagen geleden
Big Glock Horizontal
Big Glock Horizontal 16 dagen geleden
So basically in real life
dilum abayasingha
dilum abayasingha 16 dagen geleden
The median temperature of a sun is higher because the internal pressure causes the nucleus to melt. If not, the temperature should be the same everywhere. Gravity is not a supernatural force, but only a force of gravity between electrons and protons. This is described in my Twitter account. Suns are repulsed by a magnetic field and have a gravitational pull. For this reason, the force of gravity exists everywhere in the universe. As a result, anti-gravity particles cannot be produced. This is because the particle is attracted to another object, whether it is negative or positive. Anti-gravity forces can be applied Only by changing the vibrational frequencies of the particles.
dilum abayasingha
dilum abayasingha 15 dagen geleden
@Jacob Corrao The myth of science must be dispelled.
dilum abayasingha
dilum abayasingha 15 dagen geleden
@Jacob Corrao what is scientism regurgitater
dilum abayasingha
dilum abayasingha 15 dagen geleden
@Jacob Corrao Since I am using Google Translator, some sentences may be translated incorrectly. You can talk to me. I am also looking for the truth of the universe.
dilum abayasingha
dilum abayasingha 15 dagen geleden
@Jacob Corrao Does a theory of mind matter? The myth of totalitarian scientism
Jacob Corrao
Jacob Corrao 16 dagen geleden
☝️I found a scientism regurgitater.
daniel280456 16 dagen geleden
Jupiter isn't fat, it just has big pebbles.
dilum abayasingha
dilum abayasingha 16 dagen geleden
An asteroid that is made up of tiny particles More asteroids add up and get bigger. The larger the asteroid, the higher its internal pressure. Then the atoms in the center are pushed together. Therefore, nuclear fusion occurs and a medium fires in the middle of a large asteroid. Then a magnetic field is created and the force of attraction increases. This is called a planet. As the planet gets bigger, it gets warmer in the middle. This heat causes the outer surface to ignite. We call it the sun. This is a low light sun. This sub-sun is repelled by the main sun. This is what we call universal expansion. When the sun burns, a black hole is formed. That black hole again creates a warmer sun.
I'm that guy
I'm that guy 16 dagen geleden
But they still don't really know how our moon was put in the perfect spot🤔 because there stories talking about before the moon was in our sky......... They don't know shit
603dirtbikerr 16 dagen geleden
😂😂these animations are funny af. These people acting like they were there hahah
DLAnder 15 dagen geleden
@603dirtbikerr Look up images of earth. Everyone is different. They're all photoshopped and cgi.
603dirtbikerr 15 dagen geleden
@DLAnder dude there are other pictures of earth besides ones from the hubble telescope 😂😂😂 ur pretty ignorant
DLAnder 15 dagen geleden
@603dirtbikerr Wouldn't at least one picture of our home be important? It's like taking pictures of everyone else's family but your own. You make no sense.
Jacob Corrao
Jacob Corrao 16 dagen geleden
@603dirtbikerr is confused again Makes sense
603dirtbikerr 16 dagen geleden
@Jacob Corrao desperate? Wtf are you talking about
YUSTAR 16 dagen geleden
I was wondering what happened to her eyes
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sasuga Ains sama!
sasuga Ains sama! 16 dagen geleden
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Tomcat Ramjet
Tomcat Ramjet 16 dagen geleden
These people speak so imperically to think they know what they r talking about even though every single bit of what's said is THEORY. Which means NONE of it can be proven!
Tomcat Ramjet
Tomcat Ramjet 16 dagen geleden
@Jacob Corrao I personally think these guys r so full of themselves, it's beyond reason. Due to the supposed fact they have convinced themselves what they r speaking is fact instead of THEORY. It's laughable really.
Jacob Corrao
Jacob Corrao 16 dagen geleden
Exactly. Try telling the herd that.
dilum abayasingha
dilum abayasingha 16 dagen geleden
dilum abayasingha තත්පර 1 කට පෙර The black hole must have been re-creating the sun. Atoms at 0 K are atomic bosons. This can be proved by putting the boson under high pressure. In a boson layer, the energy of the rays slows down. Increasing the amount of protons, neutrons, Due to pressure in the center Explodes at a certain magnitude. In that explosion, the universe is in balance. The same is true for the planets that are higher in mass. But they are made of less-demanding suns. Jupiter is also becoming a Sun. But in a sun created by a black hole, the hydrogen atoms are too high. twitter - Dilum Niroshan ( @dilum15736038 ) Gmail -
Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez 16 dagen geleden
Hi (●’◡’●)ノ
ToPostOrNotToPost 16 dagen geleden
They said pebbles way to many times for my liking in this video.
ToPostOrNotToPost 16 dagen geleden
Victoria 16 dagen geleden
Devil RedHD
Devil RedHD 16 dagen geleden
it always finished its homework and ate its greens, as a good growing planet should
Alex King
Alex King 9 dagen geleden
Nope, pebbles.
Devil RedHD
Devil RedHD 16 dagen geleden
@В мире животных Sorry dude i dont speak Klingon...
В мире животных
В мире животных 16 dagen geleden
Renee Catagnus
Renee Catagnus 16 dagen geleden
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nikita agrawal
nikita agrawal 16 dagen geleden
Solidus Osiris
Solidus Osiris 16 dagen geleden
Michael Conticchio
Michael Conticchio 16 dagen geleden
Mariyala Rajani
Mariyala Rajani 16 dagen geleden
Tuong Nguyen
Tuong Nguyen 16 dagen geleden
Dope’s Cave
Dope’s Cave 16 dagen geleden
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