How 3D Printing Could Protect Astronauts From Martian Dust Storms | How the Universe Works

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Mars is known for having planet-wide dust storms that have terminated NASA rover missions, so how could 3D printing help astronauts survive in this inhospitable environment?
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Gavin Carlos
Gavin Carlos Maand geleden
Wow that 3D printing technology, imagine what will be the future of construction's of building in the future.
Dark at Hearts
Dark at Hearts Maand geleden
I like how these habitats look like the Xenomorph pods from Prometheus. The prophecy is coming true
Dragan Denkovski
Dragan Denkovski Maand geleden
Why first, before going to Mars, not try to inhabit Sahara or Arctic or make a living space on a sea or underwater? Then - go to Mars.
Pauly K
Pauly K Maand geleden
Yes lets build dwellings on an uninhabited planet thats inhospitable but we cant build homes for the homeless, but can build them for astronauts for "Protection" yet homeless die on the streets with little "protection" 🙄
Kenny Maand geleden
Lmao... The crack pipe dream of people on mars when people can't even wear a face mask or care about each other.... But yes let's waste time and money on mars..
Jonathon Werner
Jonathon Werner Maand geleden
Tear off visors from dirt bike helmet visors.. Put them on solar panels, and eventually helmets. Rotating visors, etc.
adnan faishal
adnan faishal Maand geleden
It's that possible to try plant three on mars? Of course with shelter. If that possible why we don't run competition for making greenhouses facility in mars.
†JΔY† Maand geleden
if people cant wear mask to prevent spreading the virus then we wont last in Mars where the dust is everywhere also RIP Opportunity, you were a Good Bot
Judas Escariote
Judas Escariote Maand geleden
It's all a prank and scam.
Wade Turner
Wade Turner Maand geleden
Are you guys actually serious? Because if God wanted us to live on Mars he would have put us on Mars Just saying
Wade Turner
Wade Turner Maand geleden
@Brian O Callaghan we also tried to build A stairway to heaven I'm pretty sure that's why he gave us different languages I also add they're talking about another planet whatcha say be blessed
Brian O Callaghan
Brian O Callaghan Maand geleden
He originally put us in Africa, should we have stayed there?
ROB-IN-PHILLY Maand geleden
LOL...What a stupid and pathetic lie...Nothing is going to Mars. Nothing EVER went to the moon. It's all lies. This 2 million dollar waste of time is something idiots do... USAF ret.
Mr. Hater • 18 years ago
Mr. Hater • 18 years ago Maand geleden
Why is the damn music so loud!?
indio peninsulares
indio peninsulares Maand geleden
What music?
indio peninsulares
indio peninsulares Maand geleden
What music?
moist banana
moist banana Maand geleden
Opportunity nnnnoooooooooooooooo rip
More OW
More OW Maand geleden
That's why it is better to build habits inside of lava tubes!
Sam Maheshwari
Sam Maheshwari Maand geleden
I don't understand, u don't even know earth that much and these guys r plotting theories and A I s for living in mars .... u can't even protect earth and u guys use billions of dollars to go to a place u don't have hardly any chance of wonder humanity is dumb or I can say GREEDY AS HELL.. (HUMANITY IS A GREEDY PARASITE ) we always want to exploit thing thats our hard core gene code .. its nothing we r just searching a new host thats all .. Do u agree?
Chris Snape
Chris Snape Maand geleden
I can't understand why would you want to go to MARS. I suppose it's the same reason as sailors of yore, but there is zero coming home wow so isolating . Mental health issues will trump this, sorry for using that word but not a pronoun, but mental health does match the word
Dennis M
Dennis M Maand geleden
For a second there, when you said sorry for using that word, I thought you meant trump
Hoffzillano1 Maand geleden
So let me guess this correct the space suit is supposed to be air tight and yet these fine dust particles can get in???? Is this logic or am I dumb
Nihilist Maand geleden
@Hoffzillano1 It was pretty obvious watching the video.
Hoffzillano1 Maand geleden
@Tony Brock that's not how it is presented in the video your logic sounds fair tho but obviously a water wash over the suits would suffice for that so I'm sticking to my guns and calling bull shit
Tony Brock
Tony Brock Maand geleden
It's when they get in and out of the suit. The outside of the suit is covered in dust and it's bound to get everywhere.
GEOVANNE RAMOS Maand geleden
This is a horror film where the aliens 👽 live underground!
Junior Balls
Junior Balls Maand geleden
Why the terrible narration Discovery UK? I would have redone that (in the beautiful mother tongue) for a tenner 👍😎
Angry Bulldog Gaming
Angry Bulldog Gaming Maand geleden
they should focus if they go to mars on trying to build bunkers so that when a person lands all they have to do is set up solar panels for electricity outside the bunkers and not have to worry about dust storms or lightning damaging most of the equipment
eggboyethan8 Maand geleden
The solar panels will get dust on them and they will eventually run out of energy, just like what happened with the rover. Really the only viable ways of getting energy is nuclear energy or fusion.
wezzard Maand geleden
6:50 for the 3d printing
5kayonekiller Maand geleden
If mars could talk: don’t come here, I will kill you.
Robin Baby
Robin Baby Maand geleden
Why can't you guys spend money on saving the planet we live....rather than spending it on building something way...way.....beyond the reach of a layman...
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Maand geleden
Science Mr.Robin Science!!
cassievbaby yay
cassievbaby yay Maand geleden
Because there a billions of dollars on Mars worth of gold silver steel everything but water
My Yummy Food Secrets
My Yummy Food Secrets Maand geleden
It is what it is
It is what it is Maand geleden
Wowwwww they got better with the cgi.
ʚ BABY J ɞ
ʚ BABY J ɞ Maand geleden
666 views... very fitting.
DLAnder Maand geleden
NASA trivia...What was the message Wernher Von Braun (former head of NASA) left us on his headstone?
DLAnder Maand geleden
@Justin Echols Hiding the creator is what we do. Beating the divinity right out of you. They don't want you to know how special you are. They want you to believe you came from a cosmic fart. No matter what you believe this video will give you a chuckle..
Justin Echols
Justin Echols Maand geleden
Psalm 19:1
jeff K
jeff K Maand geleden
Good tech - Another hundred years and 20% of Earth will have the climate of Mars.
Motivation Maand geleden
*Discovery UK* Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.
Nilam Srivastava
Nilam Srivastava Maand geleden
And That's SATURN for you ! And for everybody
5kayonekiller Maand geleden
Rich people using tax payer money to build their little underground bunkers on mars
Benson & Benjo Official
Benson & Benjo Official Maand geleden
I knew that Discovery channel will get me understand this concept. Good job!
ʚ BABY J ɞ
ʚ BABY J ɞ Maand geleden
Are you even real?
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