Mike Doesn't Help Partner Who Previously Bailed Him Out Of Trouble | Moonshiners

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Mike continues on with his moonshining, however, injured partner, Daniel, hasn't heard back from him.
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Meloveu Longtime
Meloveu Longtime 2 dagen geleden
Not making money and or liquor but sure has a good pull of ginseng lmao!
Frank Simpson
Frank Simpson 5 dagen geleden
You'd think their worried about OSHA showing up.. Lol safety first 👏👏👏
Capone 1394
Capone 1394 7 dagen geleden
Why the hell did he blow up those stills??
Sally Tech
Sally Tech 10 dagen geleden
At 4:24 the truck is Chevy from the outside at 4:31 the truck is ford on the inside 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Joshua Shanahan
Joshua Shanahan 11 dagen geleden
This fucking show is probably killing the Appalachian mountains at this point with all unused “still” sites.
Ian 710
Ian 710 13 dagen geleden
Old school values and principles, these are men of honour and it’s unfortunate that it’s as rare thin now because back in the day all you hand was a good old handshake and your name to honour and that is lost today with the new generation, I thank my grandfather for pointing my moral compass in the proper direction
Joseph Myers
Joseph Myers 17 dagen geleden
I did NOT hear Digger the first time he said it.
Skankhunt42 22 dagen geleden
Mike seems like he needs a good ole country ass whippin
JCameron Smith
JCameron Smith 24 dagen geleden
Sorry guys, I wouldn't drink anything you made after running it through an ordinary garden hose. They leach bad chemicals into water and that's not near as strong a solvent as your moonshine. Pure poison. C
Shaggy’s Zoo South Florida
Shaggy’s Zoo South Florida 26 dagen geleden
It’s just that the more stuff you got there more for the cops to put you there
Richard Adams
Richard Adams 27 dagen geleden
Building a very nice trail leading the whole world right to your illegal still sight, genius.
Least Trending
Least Trending 28 dagen geleden
If u think that these guys drove around with moonshine and a full camera crew to give away to another guy and risk goin to jail cause the hole carmera crew would have gone to jail then youre stupider then a bag of rocks
Mike Didricksen
Mike Didricksen 29 dagen geleden
these two are the reason im interested in this show
trippy thoughts
trippy thoughts Maand geleden
Them roasting each other is most clever fucking shit I’ve ever heard. 😂
Jamie Forrest
Jamie Forrest Maand geleden
Mark n Digger! Just good ol boys!
BigV424 Maand geleden
I'm definitely a mountain person, but I don't live in the mountains.
William Fernandini
William Fernandini Maand geleden
Country credit
Trevor Crane
Trevor Crane Maand geleden
Anyone else notice it showed there chevy pickup truck. But when the camera was inside the truck the steering wheel had a for emblem?
Gerald Adamson
Gerald Adamson Maand geleden
I like Mike but Mike day will come you don't mistreat people like that
Stephen Parsons
Stephen Parsons Maand geleden
Well there are still a fue old beens left in the world good on you M./D for you all helping that lad from oz
David Alexander
David Alexander Maand geleden
None of this is fake.how can you prove where their at, and how can you prove that isn’t moonshine, we’re you there?
William Fernandini
William Fernandini Maand geleden
Local people like that should always help each other
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Maand geleden
4:26 Chevy turns to Ford
Joe Who
Joe Who 9 dagen geleden
Duuhhhhh they’re hill Billy’s, they have to swap to their running car to keep the feds off their back😂😂
alberto B
alberto B Maand geleden
Wait a minute
bigjohn3188 Maand geleden
I saw that, good thing you didn’t say that on FB ‘Fact checkers’ would say it’s false lol
HeatedStream Maand geleden
Blake Alvis
Blake Alvis Maand geleden
Did any else notice the truck is a Chevy but the inside is ford? 4:20 to 4:30 watch.
John Smith
John Smith Maand geleden
wow what clowns.....the hand rial...they weled a stainless steel eye on to a piece of rebar that will rust....DUH,,,,THE BRAIN POWER.....
David Gaston
David Gaston Maand geleden
Stupidly Pure Stupidly
Steven K McDuffie
Steven K McDuffie Maand geleden
How it should be everywhere. Not just in the mountains
official sbrMILITIA
official sbrMILITIA Dag geleden
@CrackheadsRus you do you. Not everyone can smoke crack all day
CrackheadsRus 2 dagen geleden
@official sbrMILITIA too far gone bud. Good luck with it
official sbrMILITIA
official sbrMILITIA 2 dagen geleden
@CrackheadsRus take your convenient store rose and char boy somewhere else
CrackheadsRus 2 dagen geleden
@official sbrMILITIA delusions are rampant with this one
official sbrMILITIA
official sbrMILITIA 2 dagen geleden
@rocket man woooooooosh
Jude Walters
Jude Walters Maand geleden
I dont doubt that they are making moonshine, but i guarantee you that they have licenses to manufacture and sell.
Evan Jackson
Evan Jackson Maand geleden
They have small batch licenses
jasheed albahari
jasheed albahari Maand geleden
bruh the only reason u make a still in a treacherous place is because its treacherous if im hiking and i see some shit like that imma fallow it, not smart
Vote Joe or You ain't black
Vote Joe or You ain't black Maand geleden
@Big Hosafat he's speaking of that nifty bridge.
Big Hosafat
Big Hosafat Maand geleden
what did this comment even mean?
Josh Maand geleden
Fairly sure this is a fake show
Stew Pa'Dasso
Stew Pa'Dasso Maand geleden
@ 6:04 quite a few ginseng roots drying on the handrails. If he was really broke he could sell those, they sell for more dried but if times are crazy hard.... let'em go!
Zack perron
Zack perron Maand geleden
@Big Hosafat I know, I have some spores coming in the mail today. (GT) I just figured that this guy in the video probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to grow them.
Big Hosafat
Big Hosafat Maand geleden
@Zack perron But if you grow it yourself you can use a medium that isn't fecal waste AND be certain of what you are consuming.. I'm not questioning your knowledge on fungus i'm questiining the average man's. Best to get the spores for "viewing under a microscope" lmao.
Zack perron
Zack perron Maand geleden
@Big Hosafat no I mean mushroom hunting, I have gotten grocery store bags full of shrooms in one day just from walking around in fields with animals (mainly horses and cows) and looking around on piles of shit.
Big Hosafat
Big Hosafat Maand geleden
@Zack perron *Magic Mushroom Cultivating. Lol
Zack perron
Zack perron Maand geleden
@Big Hosafat you could probably sell them on reddit, if he wants to make even more money he should go magic mushroom hunting and sell those.
Bear B
Bear B Maand geleden
What a scripted, POS
Pisey Cooking Adventure
Pisey Cooking Adventure Maand geleden
Your video is very good, I love watching it and I hope one day I will follow you
Bear B
Bear B Maand geleden
Oh no! at 4:40 there is a rival shiner....... LMFAO
Luke Maand geleden
Watch at 4:23. It shows a video outside the truck Mark and Digger are driving to be a grey Chevy Silverado and then it switches to the inside of the truck and Digger is driving a Ford F-150....... they don’t even make an effort to make any of this believable........
Ducati30080 Maand geleden
Was just about to make comment about that lol I was like when did they switch trucks
Roman Iwanski
Roman Iwanski Maand geleden
Old news
jenky1044 Maand geleden
I haven't watched it yet, but from your title, it's time to cut Mike your partner loose. If he won't help you after you bailed him out of a jam, next time it might be worse for you. Start your scouting new talent process now and send Mike packing.
GOKU Maand geleden
One wrong move and a 10ft drop can send you to the grave lol If you could not recommend this NLposts that'd be great I'm tired of clicking on don't recommend
Barbara Waters
Barbara Waters Maand geleden
Two ugly morons on a mission. Cheers.
Nathan Poelstra
Nathan Poelstra Maand geleden
I know it’s fake. But good grief quit complaining about how unsafe the mountain is. If he did grow up in the mountains he wouldn’t be taking about it. It would come as a second nature. It’s infuriating to see the redundancy in this show
Nathan Poelstra
Nathan Poelstra Maand geleden
Bob Sacamano 🤣😂🤣😂 that me bust out laughing
colbytnt Maand geleden
He did grow up in the mountains, it’s for tv
sue Maand geleden
Hope sheriff catches Mike.
silentghost Maand geleden
This show is stupid,watched it once for like 10 minutes.
silentghost Maand geleden
@Wilson Richard yes i do
Wilson Richard
Wilson Richard Maand geleden
silentghost you feel better now, that you let everyone know?
NephewJamie69 !!!
NephewJamie69 !!! Maand geleden
Wow when you treat people how you want to be treated shit actually falls in line for success and bettering your future
Kumar C
Kumar C Maand geleden
Super bowl Anna No 1
Carol Williams
Carol Williams Maand geleden
Ya blowed up ma still !!! Do these guyz be stooopid, or do them thar just sound stooopid - - or am that may be the same dern thang - - it dun't take much with characterz like this for the UK to make fun of the USA - - heeelllllll, let's go make us summore moonshine and hav us a partee !!!!!! Geeezzzzz...
Luke Maand geleden
Maybe I rushed to judgement too quickly. I’ve personally met Mark and he is a very intelligent guy. Don’t let the accent fool you. I’m not aware of any Chuck Dellinger that I’m related too although I’m sure somewhere down the line we may be.
Carol Williams
Carol Williams Maand geleden
@Luke Geee Luke, if you didn't take that as tongue-in-cheek, consider it as cat-on-keyboard (a VERY intelligent cat - - she can get her point across even if she speaks meow with English as her second language). Is Dellinger really your last name? Any relation to Chuck by any chance (although the odds would be astronomical) ???
Luke Maand geleden
Learn how to type and then you can actually qualify to debate the intelligence of someone else. It’s funny that we feel the same about some people from the UK.....
Sophia Randell
Sophia Randell Maand geleden
5k subscribers before my college starts
5k subscribers before my college starts Maand geleden
Someone : what is the viral thing ? Me : Binod Someone: i said viral? Me: May your parents live for 100 years Someone : Perfect 😂😂😂😂 i am very close to 250 a little help will be considered great
Kendell Anderson
Kendell Anderson Maand geleden
This guy is a bot
El dorado
El dorado Maand geleden
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