Pregnant Orangutan Has To Be Separated From Dependent Best Friend | Meet The Orangutans

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Anne has taken shy orangutan under her wing, but after she becomes pregnant their dynamic will have to change,
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Jaycee C
Jaycee C Dag geleden
Aw, I love Orangutans! They have really gorgeous faces, I could watch them all day. Congratulations Anne.
kim mcdonald
kim mcdonald 3 dagen geleden
They should have just let Anne wean Moi moi off. She was obviously comfort suckling on her. Probably no milk but, it doesn't matter. They want the suckling not just necessarily milk. They may be pros but, aren't to smart at it.
Liza Gates
Liza Gates 3 dagen geleden
This is so sweet
Liza Gates
Liza Gates 3 dagen geleden
This is what I'll do w the rest of my life. Literally, if trump gets another four years? I'm moving to wherever this is, Borneo
Feelin' Froggy
Feelin' Froggy 4 dagen geleden
Precious new baby boy! Glad mui mui finally started doing better, also :)
silverwoodchuck47 6 dagen geleden
Who's the Orange Lothario?
Alaura Moore
Alaura Moore 7 dagen geleden
Did anyone else notice that Mui Mui gave a thumbs up at 0:24 ?👍
Boosti _
Boosti _ 8 dagen geleden
ハッピーフェレットDat1HappyFerret 8 dagen geleden
(❁´◡`❁) *wholesome*
John Adams
John Adams 10 dagen geleden
The way the baby clings to its mother is so cute
kim mcdonald
kim mcdonald 3 dagen geleden
Baby primates must cling within hours of birth if they are to survive.
John Adams
John Adams 10 dagen geleden
They seem so gentle. It looks like they just love eachother like crazy.. and u can see they love there babys as much as we do.. its nuts
John Adams
John Adams 10 dagen geleden
They sure love there babys.. just like people. They cant be sure who the dad is hahaha... the slut. I wonder if they breed with just any male??
Broc Theil
Broc Theil 9 dagen geleden
They people don't know who the father is, the orangutan knows
John Adams
John Adams 10 dagen geleden
Thecs9 human like.. its freaking crazy!!!
Lorrie Marti
Lorrie Marti 13 dagen geleden
Please do a update this was awesome
Daylia 13 dagen geleden
Aww Mui Mui 🥺🥺🥺
ً 13 dagen geleden
OMG, the comments is sooo sweet
kuartzcrystals 14 dagen geleden
they rlly said: BESFRAANNNN
Philippe Daubresse
Philippe Daubresse 14 dagen geleden
Mon dieu comme c'est merveilleux de voir ca 😍sauvons tous les animaux du monde. 🌠💕🌟💞😘☄️
Jana Zakova
Jana Zakova 14 dagen geleden
SUPER ! SUPER! Gratuliere vor Baby ! 👍♥️😌♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 🤗🙋🇪🇸
Natividad Hernandez
Natividad Hernandez 15 dagen geleden
Qué ternura !!! ♥️♥️♥️
Michelle G
Michelle G 16 dagen geleden
These videos end to quickly.I could watch these all day .looks like she’s going to be a really good mum .
Rally Boyd
Rally Boyd 16 dagen geleden
Why don’t they give them birth control? They’re dooming another orangutan to live in captivity while people who donate foot the bill. Most primate sanctuaries provide birth.
Kurt Anglewood
Kurt Anglewood 12 dagen geleden
The more orangutans that are born the more chance there is to get their population numbers back up
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 17 dagen geleden
Bless all these people who put in endless hours for the sake of All animals
Amanda Kizaru
Amanda Kizaru 18 dagen geleden
Pelo tamanho esse está livre de traficantes safados..
Irna 19 dagen geleden
Poor mui mui,love ann😍😘
letmetellya 21 dag geleden
Maybe like out in the wild animals aren’t separated.
Normalhuman78 -
Normalhuman78 - 20 dagen geleden
letmetellya they would have likely been separated in the wild as well. The situation of an “immature” orangutan is not a wild one.
Lass-in Angeles
Lass-in Angeles 23 dagen geleden
Too short, too short! We wanted to see more of the baby! So cute!! What a lovely sequence and explanation. So glad Mui Mui is doing better now. That was tough on her. You must love them all like your own children. Marvelous job team! Simply wonderful. Thanks to you all!
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 8 dagen geleden
It's on cable. Can't expect everything g for free.
Sheryl Welter
Sheryl Welter 23 dagen geleden
So precious! Look at proud new mommy!
J 27 dagen geleden
So sad at the news.... Anne is a filthy sl_t, wanted more and more D, babies dead already and she is off looking for Bigboi in the jungle to fill her up again. All while Muymuy is alone and worried plus another dead infant. Everyone suffers but Anne yet again, she chooses what she wants without responsibility.
Janine Kennedy
Janine Kennedy 28 dagen geleden
Awww poor thing
Gail Jackson-Chapman
Gail Jackson-Chapman Maand geleden
If you love ❤️ animals, this is the job to be at. These animals are so lovable😘
Sweet Little Weasel
Sweet Little Weasel Maand geleden
Awww poor girl.
quaysha1 Maand geleden
I screamed when i saw her walking carrying the baby!!! Too cute!!!!
Jackson Andrews
Jackson Andrews Maand geleden
I want to believe Mui Mui is named after the noise Jar Jar Binks always makes
Ally Maand geleden
Where can I watch the full documentation about this orangutan center?
slovní curling
slovní curling 26 dagen geleden
I don't know exactly about this one but I tried watching Orangutan Jungle School and in Europe you need VPN because it's not available in Europe. So I guess this one will be similar. So if you are from Europe your best bet is torrent or if you are from USA try google little bit and you should find some streaming platform with episodes maybe even for free.
reaper the floof
reaper the floof Maand geleden
these videos are addicting to watch at 3 am on a school night lol
Cheryl Rose
Cheryl Rose Maand geleden
Orangoutangs ❤️
Mark Maand geleden
I want to know their secrets
Violet Tsang
Violet Tsang Maand geleden
“Best friends” clearly these are lesbian lovers and one had a slip with some deadbeat man
Amber’s ALERT’s
Amber’s ALERT’s Maand geleden
Omg!!!!!!! That baby though❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amber’s ALERT’s
Amber’s ALERT’s Maand geleden
God I want a job here
Amber’s ALERT’s
Amber’s ALERT’s Maand geleden
Awwwww bless her heart, to her that’s her mama
Prabhakar J
Prabhakar J Maand geleden
No mention about the new baby's father!
Bean 10 dagen geleden
Fathers leave
অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல்
অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல் 11 dagen geleden
They can't say who is the father because they mated deep in the wild.
2anne C
2anne C Maand geleden
Mui Mui is like the oldest daughter who suddenly realises that her mom seems not to be closed to her anymore. She must felt confused and lost.
Masha Spikego
Masha Spikego Maand geleden
It’s inspiring to see the genuine love and care that the human apes have for their fellow primates. It was so sweet to see the older lady’s excitement at meeting the new arrival.
PJung Maand geleden
I’m so glad Mui Mui is doing ok
blissinchains Maand geleden
At Nyaru Menteng, they let females with infants loose on pre-release islands with other males and females. No issues at all. This was cruel and unnecessary.
Gigas0101 Maand geleden
I can relate to Anne, I don't mind needles either.
Krystal Allgeier
Krystal Allgeier Maand geleden
I kinda feel they should have not separated them. If they was in the wild im pretty sure Moi Moi still be around. I understand the worry for new bby but id let the new Mama make that decision.
Ben Riley
Ben Riley 25 dagen geleden
Didn't they base it on the fact that she'd become jealous though? With respect, I'm sure they made the correcr decision based on experience and understanding of the these beauties! Much love
Galina Malakhova
Galina Malakhova Maand geleden
Why can't they keep being friends 😢 maybe they stay friends in the wild?
Serena Leigh
Serena Leigh Maand geleden
Sue is just great, mom of all orangutan :D
Reese Morgan
Reese Morgan Maand geleden
At 3.38 - Mui Mui under the enclosure looking up at her "mother"! Poor love.
Heather C.
Heather C. Maand geleden
Oh my heart. 6:31
412 Girl
412 Girl Maand geleden
Oooh just so sad that other orangutan wouldn't let go. Its so wild how they behave just like we do over a broken heart
Lennart Hagen
Lennart Hagen Maand geleden
Limp bizkit my wAy
frosty2013 Maand geleden
That infant is ugggly
Kimberley T. Campbell
Kimberley T. Campbell Maand geleden
Ohhh...I use to suck on the same finger Mui Mui sucks on....omg...that is Soo cute, never seen that are so much like us
Edgy Wagy
Edgy Wagy Maand geleden
3:16 Mui Mui eyes says it all, poor thing see is so sad..tears of sadness .I love her so much.
Bean 10 dagen geleden
Why does no one love me :c
rob peters
rob peters Maand geleden
Very bad move. You don't have the right to interfere with these apes. Keep moi moi together with Ann. They are capable to make their own decisions. There are a lot of mothers that have a 6 ,7, or 8 year old child when they become pregnant. The child accommodates the new arrival and is a part of its learning. Humans keep interfering with the natural order for these apes which have strong instincts that have been hardwired for eons. It's no wonder why a mother has a baby and dose t know what to do and end up leaving the baby to be raised by surrogates or human caregivers. Humanizing these apes because we think it might be the right thing to do is not a good idea. The goal is to let them be apes and not interfere. That is counter moi moi is depressed and not in a good situation.
Demian Demartini
Demian Demartini Maand geleden
Hit it with a stun gun it will stay away
Pink Maand geleden
It's amazing to me how trusting Orangutans can be with their people. I'm sure it has a lot to do with individual personality, but Ann was so calm during the check up and the shot as well as letting the people get really close to her newborn baby.
Cburke502 Maand geleden
You guys are so wonderful. The trust is so incredible. So sweet
Annette Monkey
Annette Monkey Maand geleden
Poor thing must be so confusing for her ❤
Ysckemia Maand geleden
at the end the old lady really talks like a proud grandma, that's cute :)
Kenneth 5 dagen geleden
@s D why you crying
Ysckemia 22 dagen geleden
@s D LOL someone had a bad day? ;)
s D
s D 22 dagen geleden
She’s a freakin doctor moron
s D
s D 22 dagen geleden
She’s not even that old 🙄
N M Maand geleden
Awwwww so sweet, and in the same breath so sad. I hope both little ones find there way!
Joanna Arendarczyk
Joanna Arendarczyk Maand geleden
Duże mają swój urok,ale małe paskudne
Mama Cakes
Mama Cakes Maand geleden
Sibling rivalry starts early lol
Rams and RZR
Rams and RZR Maand geleden
What a waste of money there’s starving people who cares about these dumb orangutan
Anne Corey
Anne Corey Maand geleden
Good news she is very good healthy mom to be very good friendly young mommy thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy family she got a new son very good news thank you Bless you all have a good healthy life thanks
Tryniti and Alainas Vlogs
Tryniti and Alainas Vlogs Maand geleden
I remember seeing it going thru Forest school..strange Ann cant find she's able to be with baby and friend.. Well guess moi moi is a fickle friend lol
CeltycSparrow Maand geleden
Awww. Congratulations, Anne. He's absolutely beautiful. Maybe you should name this new little one Gilbert. After Anne's soulmate in the Anne of Green Gables books. Another beautiful, strong red-headed lady.
SissyBlackWidowSpider Maand geleden
bayi baru yang luar biasa. betapa saya ingin datang dan membantu merawat Kera yang berharga di sana .. Anda menyelamatkan nyawa. Terima kasih.
silvergypsey Maand geleden
TannervYoung Maand geleden
The hand holding kills me.
Cordova Jose
Cordova Jose Maand geleden
The primatologist lady looks like Roger Moore.
dothemath Maand geleden
Roger Moore's Mom! She is a truly lovely lady. Exudes love and kindness and gentleness.
ThatMeansHesMad Maand geleden
No, she doesn't. At all.
becky Sawyer
becky Sawyer Maand geleden
Poor baby
Julie Labelle
Julie Labelle Maand geleden
The team is working in the best interest of all of their students. God bless them and their work.
Becca C
Becca C Maand geleden
Congrats Anne! So precious and you know she is going to be a great mommy since she took such good care of Mui Mui.
Lisa Tarita
Lisa Tarita Maand geleden
le couple macron !
bruce anderson
bruce anderson Maand geleden
Privileged for us, is an understatement!
Deana pronounced Dee-nah Dean
Deana pronounced Dee-nah Dean Maand geleden
AWW poor Mui Mui
Sylvia Wilson
Sylvia Wilson Maand geleden
Utterly adorable...all 3
ja yo
ja yo Maand geleden
Stitch Azintime
Stitch Azintime Maand geleden
See thats what i dont understand. There all about sending them in the while. But the daughters help and if the mothers dont want them around they send them away. So they are still acting like god. The other daughter isnt eating. Let them be and watch what happens instead of separating animals u want to say u want wild. Cause thats not what wpuld happen in the wild..good and bad. But causing problems and childbirth shows the younger one what to look forward too. So she wont be surprised and abandon theres
Pink Maand geleden
If they just let them be and see what happens there was a chance Ann's baby ended up dead.
Allison Marie
Allison Marie Maand geleden
I dont know whos cuter, the new mother or the caretaker that is so excited for her. ❤
EVERETT APPELT Jr Maand geleden
Anne is looking at them during the examination like, " Yeah I'm pregnant so what's the big deal!" " You humans are funny! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣"
Krudemon Maand geleden
LOL so true if left alone she would have that baby high up in a tree
Mike Wall
Mike Wall Maand geleden
Does anyone know the baby's name?
Josh Winston
Josh Winston Maand geleden
Fat Sow(0rangutan) gives birth To future Boar(bald newborn).Orangutan's scientific classification are-Kingdom:-animalia,Phylum:- Chordata,class:-mammalia,order:-artiodactyla,Family:-suidae,Sub-Family:-suinae and Genus:-sus.
IGNACIO MALDONADO 6 dagen geleden
Vos sos aburrido y cruel, yankee del infierno!!!!!
Dance with Soul
Dance with Soul Maand geleden
They have no word but they express there feelings with eyes look at there love they need care and love I request to those people who hurt them and physical abuse ....your team is doing good job .God bls you with love and blsng. May God you live long.
boldandcourageous 41
boldandcourageous 41 Maand geleden
Ann is a natural nurturing mother! 😭😭❤💕
lizvlx Maand geleden
this might sound weird, but i feel that the lady is being racist with the orang utans. or rather speciest so to say. i mean cmon, orang utans are not "good girls" when they are mothering their baby, they are strong orang utan women, grown females. orang utans are not less than humans, we should not belittle them. but that is just one thought whereas i applaud their cool work
blissinchains Maand geleden
@lizvlx If you meant people are once again playing god with animals--you're right. It's always been that way, because we mistake ourselves for being superior when we are much, much worse.
lizvlx Maand geleden
@David Deel :) -- am i not at all, i can soundly assure you, interested in PC crap. i mean i am not even american ;). what i mean was that she gave me vibes that felt like she feels like she is master and they are servants. no, rather she is the all-understanding human and they are precious animals. something feels just a bit off there to me. i find it hard to phrase, this is a feeling and not some stupid PC crap. i am autistic, i dont do well with explaining this stuff.
David Deel
David Deel Maand geleden
Seriously? Now people are taking the PC bull crap to the animal world and these amazing caretakers? Oh My God PLEASE tell me you were being facetious. PLEASE, I mean PLEEEEEEEASE tell me you were being facetious.PLEEEEEEEASE tell me you REALLLLY don't beleive this wonderul kind woman was belittling that gorgeous orang in any way. Oh how I hope I am being too sensitive and you are just kidding.
tfs2O3 Maand geleden
Being fed on Food Platforms, being constantly monitored by Staff, 24/7 Vetcare that is better than it's own citizens, and having NO fear of Humans, while living in special areas so Tourists can watch them, is NOT a rehabilitated nor wild Animal. Humans raise solitary Animals in groups, keep them caged in groups, and allow them to stay on the ground to play if they cry and don't want to be in the trees, which ruins their ability to live as solitary, fully arboreal Animals, which helps keep ACTUAL WILD Orangutans safe.
erin lewis
erin lewis Maand geleden
The current alternative is extinction
Neha Bhagat
Neha Bhagat Maand geleden
its resquest to all of uh ....plz boycott plam oil and products ...if you wanna save them from killing just do one thing boycott plam oil and products
Steinl From The Bronx
Steinl From The Bronx 3 dagen geleden
@Fredee Moon oh... Your words such a pretty poet, but what's the point of your words😂. Ok go back to the reality of life. If you want 100% living your life without palm oil you have to be a caveman, that's my point. You still using phone, the plastic, the components, the box of your phone contain the chemical that palm oil based and sometimes the process need Palm Oil also. So that's it. In my argument I didn't say it is bad, or it is good for environment. I'm talking about the fact that the Palm oil have a big role for industrial in 21th century. Whatever you say, even it's super beautiful & dramatic but it wouldn't ever change the reality of life.
Fredee Moon
Fredee Moon 3 dagen geleden
@Steinl From The Bronx ...but I'm having no problem staying away from it all. And yes, I am aware of where it is...... you make it sound like we desperately need cosmetics , paint, cereal, our lives depended on it all....well it doesnt. Have you ever wondered what would happen once all palm oil ran out....? Then what....? How will you all cope..oh the horror. ( never mind how its destroyed nature, just so you can look pretty , or your house looks nice ) Anyway, there are plenty of companies using sustained palm oils and other products . No need to rape the earth and animals just to stay comfortable,e and alive. I could not live with myslef if I didnt consciously make the effort to help them. I dont know why everyone thinks our lives are so precious that we need to destroy everything in our path ....its selfish, stupid and ignorant. If we ( humans ) werent here...the world would be a much better place.
Steinl From The Bronx
Steinl From The Bronx 3 dagen geleden
@Fredee Moon impossible... you wouldnt notice that your shampoo, cereal, oat, blanket, cosmetic, your "wall and cars paint" and even your clothes contain & need Palm Oil on its process.
Jaguar10My 9 dagen geleden
It is just a propaganda created by UK & US to boycott our palm oil by saying we killed orangutan for production of palm oil. 70% of palm oil plantations is located in peninsular of Malaysia and only 30% is in Borneo. Orangutans only exist in Borneo. Even so in peninsula we have island where orangutans are living and breeding. But in UK & US, white people took orangutans from us and they keep in zoo in an area of 600 square feet for lifetime. For your information, orangutans in forest are more prone to death and the longevity is around 20-30 years due to wild animals such as venomous snakes as they move slowly on the ground. Under human care life expectancy can reach 40-45 years. The propaganda created by white people is just to ensure they can continue selling the very unhealthy “vegetable” cooking oil. As well as olive oil which is the main cause of cancer if fried. You can google the top countries with the highest cancer rate in the world all the winners are western countries because of your stupidity to use vegetable oils for cooking, baking, etc… We don’t care if they want to boycott palm oil… GO AHEAD… We’ve very huge demand from other Asia, middle east and African countries. These countries prefer not to have cancer like white people and to use the healthiest cooking oil in the world. PLEASE BOYCOTT PALM OIL :-)
Champion Tonto the Wonder Horse
Champion Tonto the Wonder Horse 10 dagen geleden
@Christopher Lewis . It's in some mint chocolates. Read ingredients on packages.
AnonyMUSE Maand geleden
Humans are cruel sometimes. They clearly have no idea how vital each was to their health and life.
Apache APACHE Maand geleden
Congratulations to all of the staff that were involved in the Mama Orangutans baby arrival. The baby orangutan looks so cute God bless him and all of them for that matter!!!
Lavenia Oviola
Lavenia Oviola Maand geleden
We need more updates about the baby & Anne 🥰
Sofia Tsaernev
Sofia Tsaernev Maand geleden
Rogéria Barroso
Rogéria Barroso Maand geleden
Jim Cast
Jim Cast Maand geleden
Who freakin cares who the father is. She is taken to her all private nursing suite. People should be so lucky. I thought the idea was to reintroduce them to the wild. The younger one should have been put back into the wild; confidence issues or not. Why don't you go out and hire personal shrinks for them too at $200 an hour?? What the hell, where these useless ugly beasts are concerned money is no object. You've already proved that by the ridiculous lengths you've already gone to!! What a screwed up world we live in!!!!!!😟