Josh Goes To A Siberian Gulag To Try To Solve The Brutal Dyatlov Pass Incident | Expedition Unknown

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In Siberia, Josh Gates investigates the strange and brutal cold case of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. On his way, he finds a gulag that could possibly give him some clues.
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Philip Fletcher
Philip Fletcher 4 uur geleden
Read this book if you want a sensible answer to the "mystery" contains information which was only released many years after the incident.
Damian Dungey
Damian Dungey 6 dagen geleden
teddy could hug me all she wants!!
retroFIX Gaming
retroFIX Gaming 10 dagen geleden
Josh is gonna figure it out. Lmmfaooooo. I don’t understand why the avalanche thing is so overlooked. Lol. It makes sense to me. I’d cut out of my tent if it were covered by an Avalanche. I’m sure it could take your shoes off and blast your eyes out.
Terry G
Terry G Dag geleden
It's not, the theory is they might have thought an avalanche was coming (Sound or movement of the ground) and so they cut their way out and fled. Only realizing after they fled a mile from the tent that it was not so, and continued to make bad decisions after that.
AJAY JOHNSON 15 dagen geleden
I dont know why i am looking into this case.... even if i know it cant be solved
Dusty E
Dusty E 18 dagen geleden
They found a boot!! Now the big question is WHERE'S THE FUCKING FOOT?!?!!! the mystery just added another piece. 9 dead hikers and a missing most likely dead foot. And it looks like there is nowhere to put up a missing sign where people are going to be able to read it to send in tips. I was told that it was a 10 and a half men's foot with a blister on the heal and a busted pinky toenail. If anyone has seen it please contact your local KGB office for information. Thank you all for your prayers.😜🇺🇸
MothproofKT 2 maanden geleden
The gulag prisoner isn’t the leading theory. I highly recommend reading “Death of Nine: The Dyatlov Pass Mystery” by Launton Anderson.
Terry G
Terry G Dag geleden
The PTB states no gulag escapes 2 years prior to the event, so no escaped prisoners followed them and "jasoned" them to death.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 13 dagen geleden
What’s it say
Adz Dahlman
Adz Dahlman 2 maanden geleden
and........¿? is that it ~ am I missing something ; like the entire rest of the story.
kalki media
kalki media 2 maanden geleden
Richard 2 maanden geleden
The over dramatization is sickening.
Dalmidi Red Bass
Dalmidi Red Bass 2 maanden geleden
TwoZero Twenty
TwoZero Twenty 2 maanden geleden
Thixo baba.. manje wtf happened to them
Bottom Line
Bottom Line 2 maanden geleden
Richest and oldest natural water collections in the "galaxy" are within that area, there are ancient rescources. Not every being that uses those resources can be trusted.. harsh reality of Siberia
Alexandre Gatserelia
Alexandre Gatserelia 2 maanden geleden
And then what...?
Brett Felton
Brett Felton 2 maanden geleden
Jesus is King. Put your trust in Him, establish a personal relationship with Him, forsake your sins and seek forgiveness for His yoke is light and He provides peace even in the worst situations. God bless you and be safe.
izgnarly 2 maanden geleden
Felicia Ringwald
Felicia Ringwald 2 maanden geleden
ღSwnsasyღ _
ღSwnsasyღ _ 2 maanden geleden
I have been so interested in this story for so long. I just don't get it at all. There is another story just like this from California in the 70's that is just as crazy.. Nobody understands how or what.. Have this guy look into that one too! The men did have some cognitive disabilities but could still lived on their own just fine..
Terry G
Terry G Dag geleden
@Loopazon They call it the American Dyatlov Incidence or the Yuma Five
ღSwnsasyღ _
ღSwnsasyღ _ 13 dagen geleden
@Dirk Diggler Here you go! Would love to hear your thoughts
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 13 dagen geleden
Yeah, spill the beans, beans.
Loopazon 13 dagen geleden
Whats the incident from the 70s called?
Tobias Konowitz
Tobias Konowitz 2 maanden geleden
When’s the next one?
retroFIX Gaming
retroFIX Gaming 10 dagen geleden
It ended a bit quickly didn’t it
SSS🌙 2 maanden geleden
What? Where is the rest of it?
Neocoolzero 2 maanden geleden
Click bait. The story is real, but they didn't discovered anything new lol
vonslagle 2 maanden geleden
That logic doesn’t make sense if the escapee from the Gulag was insane...
Tobias Konowitz
Tobias Konowitz 2 maanden geleden
Neat mystery
Max Simon
Max Simon 2 maanden geleden
Idk what’s this but what the hell
Kamal Thapaliya
Kamal Thapaliya 2 maanden geleden
Hi I am from Nepal we all love u 💗💗💗💗❣️❣️ l alway watch your Viedo plz reply to me
David Aaa
David Aaa 2 maanden geleden
Tinkertricks 2 maanden geleden
Greetings from Stockholm,keep up the good work Josh
Ela Yucel
Ela Yucel 2 maanden geleden
That must have been some cold weather! 😂 Also wow this is amazing 😉!
Think Pen
Think Pen 2 maanden geleden
matt anzivino
matt anzivino 2 maanden geleden
First viewer
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If you are reading this god bless you and have a wonderful day ❤️✨!
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