Explorers May Have Found One Of The Ships Of The Lost Spanish Fleet of 1715 | Expedition Unknown

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Josh Gates and a team of explorers go to Florida to try to find out some of the ships of the lost Spanish Fleet of 1715. What they discover is something exceptional!
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Mitch Mckenzie
Mitch Mckenzie 5 dagen geleden
In any of this guys "documentaries" whether it's a search for bigfoot or alien encounters, there is never any actual evidence. He narrates, if you can call it that, in a very annoying and sensationalist way, always seeming to be on the verge of finding something but never EVER does. The guy is a fraud.
Larry W
Larry W 5 dagen geleden
When you find treasure YOU SAY NOTHING!!! Take most of it and secretly sell it off! You get a bunch of treasure the governments that be will be on top of you quicker than flies on poop!
Michael Parson
Michael Parson 6 dagen geleden
On this episode of Kermit goes Scooba diving: "ooh! Is that wood?!"
Dave Hunter
Dave Hunter 6 dagen geleden
That is it. The platter, the pistol, and the letter prove it is there somewhere. How broken up and how far is the wreckage spread out? Could take decades to recover all the artifacts.
Koy Koy
Koy Koy 7 dagen geleden
These dudes pronounce CONCEPCION as *Con-sep-siyown* when it should be *Con-sep-shon*
Wasssup360 6 dagen geleden
It was a Spanish ship, therefore the name of it is pronounced the way how they pronounced it.
Darlene Adamski
Darlene Adamski 18 dagen geleden
Always MAY HAVE OR COULD BE and this sucks simply because they never find what they actually say they find. They almost do. Stupid.
Brent Lowry
Brent Lowry 26 dagen geleden
Good luck guys, keep us posted
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess Maand geleden
"It belongs in a museum."
Tristan Swain
Tristan Swain Maand geleden
Title: “fat guy yells at wood underwater”
bosanpisan Maand geleden
Aaah, My Gold, My Gold coins. They're mine
QuARK 2 TRAINers Maand geleden
Don't tell me it was found on Mars?
derek Rohan
derek Rohan Maand geleden
Bro why are you yelling in that mask.. other guy is talking normally. Host is literally yelling.. so annoying
N Peace
N Peace Maand geleden
I lived in Sebasitan and there are a couple of treasure museums there. I know a guy who dove the wrecks with Cain Fisher, Mel Fisher's son. Mel found the fleet. My friend has some awesome Spanish coins.
Blame USA
Blame USA Maand geleden
Imagine working for discovery channel and asking "is that wood?"
Blame USA
Blame USA Maand geleden
Discovery propaganda. Stopped making good stuff in 2004
dieselbiggins Maand geleden
Sweet Jesus you Americans are terrible at making documentaries 🤦
Bill Prosser 1967mustang
Bill Prosser 1967mustang Maand geleden
Good job,josh
Kalinin Dippy
Kalinin Dippy Maand geleden
Guy with the mic under water... quit screaming it doesn’t make me excited it makes me annoyed.
Jimmy Britt
Jimmy Britt Maand geleden
" those used to be called mailbox "
Stephen Channon
Stephen Channon Maand geleden
This is NOT archaeology!!! This is just treasure hunting plain and simple!!! These are just idiots with no knowledge of or respect of any form of archaeology. Typical of the USA.
Rain Man
Rain Man Maand geleden
was that a lil girl screaming....we can see what is happening after they turn on the props and we can see the piece of wood being revealed....you think the man saw a great white the way he was screaming...perhaps he has never seen " boat wash " before....how much did he pay for access for this adventure...
Rogent X
Rogent X Maand geleden
While I am a fan of JG and the show, I appreciate his engery and enthusiasm but, he does get bit loud and annoying at times. I always considered this show as a spin off/extension of destination truth. (I miss Ryder and Jamal, but glad Evan still there)
SphinxFn Maand geleden
I highly doubt the treasures is still there no way someone hasn’t just come along and stolen it by now
Greg W
Greg W Maand geleden
I'll just hang around wandering, what a waste of time. I'll leave you wondering if I'm ever goina watch another of your videos. Spoiler alert NO !
CCdude Maand geleden
mind blowing would be if he would stop yelling and found some treasure................
yeboi tamales
yeboi tamales Maand geleden
Dude wtf..I remember this guy from my childhood when he did that show called destination truth..
Rogent X
Rogent X Maand geleden
Yeah it is basically a spin off/extension of that show, just with different crew (Evan still there) and producers.
Phone Email
Phone Email Maand geleden
How is this guy still on tv? Lol
Shirley Munro
Shirley Munro Maand geleden
Giant leafblowers cranked up to eleven... yeah, thats awesome for fragile artefacts. Anyone with these is after valuable metals. Not after fragile archeology.
Marcus Wardle
Marcus Wardle Maand geleden
How to ruin an archaeological site in one go. Well done! If you want to see a ship raised try Mary Rose. That sunk in 1540’s
Phalanx443 Maand geleden
Que dramatic music and overlay screaming underwater moron.
kinkywinks Maand geleden
If it was not full of Gold stolen from the America's then it probably was not a Spanish ship
SAACAAS 28 dagen geleden
Stole in his own Provinces?
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean Maand geleden
see the spanish stole more gold from south armrica than we did in both world wars.
Wilson Scott
Wilson Scott Maand geleden
ok lets get real, had the dreamers found something they could cash in they would still be there tucking it away instead o yelling their heads off. i treasure hunted those beeches for 60 years and found 0, get a job you'll be better off.
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer Maand geleden
Seen some plates like that at a garage sale...
Dane Southard
Dane Southard Maand geleden
Best drinking game ever, watch Expedition Unknown and take a shot every time Josh Gates says “unbelievable”.
Tim Ellis
Tim Ellis Maand geleden
This guy is NOT cool.
Plunder fleet --the money belongs to South America --F Spain and the UN
Doug Reimer
Doug Reimer Maand geleden
Gates is a joke archaeologist that just stages everything to pump himself up.too bad he has jumped from TV to YT.
Johnnie Antler
Johnnie Antler Maand geleden
Should have cranked that thing up to 1200 to 2500 rpm , call me impatient.
Reid Ramsey
Reid Ramsey Maand geleden
Heyoooo XD! Guess you could say I'm in the same boat as you... or Spanish gallion...
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Maand geleden
Damn, those guys need better scrpits to read
Reid Ramsey
Reid Ramsey Maand geleden
Scott Gilleland
Scott Gilleland Maand geleden
Could be means bull shit
Bruce Pedersen
Bruce Pedersen Maand geleden
Please keep going on this !!!!! Great
glbernini0 Maand geleden
Dbag Spanish will say thanks for the millions you've spent on research & time, we'll seize everything after you've brought it up.
carol tenge
carol tenge Maand geleden
worth turning off.
Frankie J
Frankie J Maand geleden
I'l never understand a grown man wearing leather bracelets. Also the microphones embedded within the full face dive masks are MODERN TECHNOLOGY and so you don't need to YELL. I would have drowned you if you were in my ear the entire time.
CHUMP TARD Maand geleden
"Sources say.." "Could have said it.." ""Chances are.. "
Jovan Weismiller
Jovan Weismiller Maand geleden
I think you need a maths refresher. 1715 to 2120 is a bit over FOUR centuries, not three.
Sand Hanitizer
Sand Hanitizer Maand geleden
Well it is the year 2020 not 2120...
Yasser Cheriet
Yasser Cheriet Maand geleden
It's no news most of these treasure hunt programs are fake and staged but this one must be the worst. The boat guy at the end had a "this sh.. is just ridiculous!" written on his face. The host is almost screaming like come on guys, show some enthusiasm! My eyes are doing a full back spin in their sockets right now LOL
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher Maand geleden
Why does everything have to have heart-pounding music and a screaming presenter. Even underwater.
wm c barker
wm c barker Maand geleden
thumbs down...no captioning for the deaf
jace laughlin
jace laughlin Dag geleden
I’ve gone deaf from the screaming
Sea k
Sea k Maand geleden
“Maybe, could be...”
Cody Call
Cody Call Maand geleden
Yep, not it. Lol
coop Maand geleden
Think it is time to dig out the diving gear ?
Paul Sharp
Paul Sharp Maand geleden
Cheesy lines left right and centre makes it hard to watch but the content is very cool
Smartyrdumb ?
Smartyrdumb ? Maand geleden
Stop yelling into the mask!
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean Maand geleden
its all voice over. thed head wear doesnt even include the under water mics.
Gordon .Levine
Gordon .Levine Maand geleden
At a nearby conservation lab, i meet with research archaeologist Bob Beyer. "Bob, Kermit, Nice to meet you."
Joel Noble
Joel Noble Maand geleden
Dear Jesus this man even yells underwater.
jace laughlin
jace laughlin Dag geleden
mark o
mark o Maand geleden
I watched many of these shows ( expedition unknown ) there fun. 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻👍🏻
Half Greek
Half Greek Maand geleden
There's a museum right there. Treasure found in the 1960's
pizzaDhut Maand geleden
Spain says if they find something they will claim it.
I'm Right
I'm Right Maand geleden
Doubt it as that's not how the law works in the ocean.
J-Man Maand geleden
Could BE? WTF is wrong that you can't follow up? Cheesy acting to boot.
ACE Spades
ACE Spades Maand geleden
Unbelievable lol he says it every 2 seconds
Larry Welchko
Larry Welchko Maand geleden
Ok getting my flippers and mask and snorkel and getting in my truck to head to Florida haha
AliEvaMari Maand geleden
The archaeologist is sweating bullets at Josh's naked finger almost touching the firing mechanism 😆
Khan Baba
Khan Baba Maand geleden
Josh u r a good comedian but unfortunately very bad actor, go and get some acting classes, and don't misguide people, do a proper research,
SAPTARSHI RAUL Maand geleden
Can "Indian" citizen participate in the "man vs wild" or "naked and afraid" reality show, then HOW?? Reply to me at "ssaptarshisa@gmail.com"
Sohadry tv
Sohadry tv Maand geleden
Pink Power Ally Treasure Hunter
Pink Power Ally Treasure Hunter Maand geleden
How sweet is that!! Best of luck!!!
Atago Maand geleden
omg.. we found one of 1300 shipwrecks in the area
Black wolf 2
Black wolf 2 Maand geleden
DestinationTruth is better
achraf achraf
achraf achraf Maand geleden
Thanks channel for good information
J. Mig
J. Mig Maand geleden
The way Americans talk and act in these documentaries, somehow always feels like they thought they were in a Hollywood movie. So weird.
humve50 Maand geleden
J. Mig J. Mig you seem to forget everybody was at war over there until we came along and shut you all down. Your life is better because of us. Obesity? Lol k bro. Trump is my man, love him and what he’s doing for our country. People who live in poverty here still live better than 90% of the world. You can get rid of guns all you want but you’ll never get rid of murder. Still will never be on our level, peasant.
Dane Ta Tua Tonka
Dane Ta Tua Tonka Maand geleden
J. Mig you left out mosques’
J. Mig
J. Mig Maand geleden
humve50 Easy and a good laugh, thanks. So here we go: obesity, unnecessary wars, invasions and death, school shootings, poverty and massive inequality, private national health, crime and Trump. Any ‘peasant’ will feel happier on this side of the pond, thanks. And safer.
humve50 Maand geleden
J. Mig I’ll go next, you can be thankful for all the intellectual ideas we gave you so you don’t have to live like peasants. Oh and winning both world wars. You’re welcome, peasant.
J. Mig
J. Mig Maand geleden
@humve50 Is this a game?, how fun. Ok I'll go next: you be thankful for everything else, which you own to the rest of the world, including food, jeans, the findings in this video and even the Statue of Liberty. Ok you go.
Jose420 Parra
Jose420 Parra Maand geleden
Destination truth was far better than this show
ROBIN HANSLER Maand geleden
Josh is great to watch. Love his shows
lady Buggy
lady Buggy Maand geleden
Josh brings so much energy and enthusiasm to every show. 😊💪🔥
ꀤꍏꎭ Everything
ꀤꍏꎭ Everything Maand geleden
Love his show❤️
Kayla Azure
Kayla Azure Maand geleden
All that treasure should be given to the Native Americans.
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley Maand geleden
This guy always yelling and trying to pin these guys down lol. Is it the ship!!?? Finally the guy said yes to shut him up lol
Dane Ta Tua Tonka
Dane Ta Tua Tonka Maand geleden
Chris Dooley use to use the same tactics on the ex wife
scatman Maand geleden
that guy must have gotten a head ache from josh yelling all the time
jace laughlin
jace laughlin Dag geleden
anonymous person
anonymous person Maand geleden
I 'may' have believed they already found it bcz of the title
Dane Ta Tua Tonka
Dane Ta Tua Tonka Maand geleden
All his shows are ‘ May Have Found’ Could have Found’ or Might have Found’ I wish he would just finally actually find something
Wasssup360 6 dagen geleden
Yeah but it's still really entertaining
theJ channel
theJ channel 12 dagen geleden
You cant definitely say you've found something without uncovering the rest, then on top of that.. that information will be disclosed until proven, they use may, might, could of because it all links together logically with history
wpeale71341 Maand geleden
Maybe because as soon as someone says I have found.....Spain says we have claimed.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Maand geleden
Guess no one read the title?
Dren Reinhardt
Dren Reinhardt Maand geleden
with click-bait bs shows like this , he sure does gets to travel all over the world .
Aussie Adventures Family Time To Play
Aussie Adventures Family Time To Play Maand geleden
Where can we watch this?
Nell Raven
Nell Raven Maand geleden
Try Discovery Channel website, Expedition Unknown
Sam Maand geleden
thatguy 00
thatguy 00 Maand geleden
I surfed Melbourne two days ago! So cool to see my main spot on tv
thatguy 00
thatguy 00 Maand geleden
treasuresindirt I’ve never found anything and no I don’t own a metal detector
Sriram Vignesh. V
Sriram Vignesh. V Maand geleden
First comment
Imposter Gaming
Imposter Gaming Maand geleden
I'm going to sleep now What if i reached 1k subscribes when i woke up😱 Surprise me
EdrianTV Maand geleden
Sub to EdrianTV
jace laughlin
jace laughlin Dag geleden
Pickles .2
Pickles .2 Maand geleden
Celeste Natalie V
Celeste Natalie V Maand geleden
sue Maand geleden
Have you been to oak island and chatted with them?
Nell Raven
Nell Raven Maand geleden
He has not as far as I'm aware. Its so very awesome there tho!! I can't wait to go back
Stephanie Farrell
Stephanie Farrell Maand geleden
No sound.
The Explorers Life
The Explorers Life Maand geleden
Awesome! *third*
ᥴꪮꪮ ᥴꪮꪮ kꪖᥴꫝꪮꪮ ꪑikꫀ niners シ
ᥴꪮꪮ ᥴꪮꪮ kꪖᥴꫝꪮꪮ ꪑikꫀ niners シ Maand geleden
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