How Will Stars Be Born At The End Of Universe? | How The Universe Works

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Trillions upon trillions of years in the future, entropy will spread and all the stars in the night's sky will all have died, not even red dwarfs survive. With only the remnants of gasses and heavy elements left swirling around in the emptiness of space, nuclear fusion will trigger at much lower temperatures, giving these new stars at the end of the universe strange properties like a cold atmosphere and ice cloud formation.
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Lions Wrath
Lions Wrath 12 dagen geleden
Stars aren't born/created anymore. We have witnessed stars dying but we have yet to see a star being born/created.
Yakarot Sennin
Yakarot Sennin 16 dagen geleden
Red Dwarf Stars will outlive any geologically active planets around them, in a sense. Right now, the core of the Earth is solidifying as it radiates heat away through the mantle all the way to the surface. Estimates put it at 54 billion* years based on current rates. However if we assume the inner core solidifies enough for the magnetic field to deteriorate completely, then life on the surface will be at the mercy of the Universe. Super Earths are expected to be much hotter in their cores due to having more mass, however we don’t know the cut off for how much mass is too much before a magnetic field is no longer possible. So even if the cores of Super Earths are molten for 100 billion years + that may not matter if there aren’t any magnetic fields to protect life. * estimate
Maninder Vijayakumar
Maninder Vijayakumar 29 dagen geleden
Waste of time.
elvis star
elvis star Maand geleden
Frozen Stars!? Wow!
Ryan’s favorites Van Dyke
Ryan’s favorites Van Dyke Maand geleden
So you could called them robot stars
K PD Maand geleden
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Maand geleden
Stars being born would end their galaxy and strike random else-wheres with high energy bursts, but, if there was enough molecules grouping together to make a sun, there'd already be a whole sun's gravity owed to their presence; it'd look like a giant-gas-giant or a planetless-disk of dense rings: the whole molecular cloud would drag on the orbits of adjacent galaxies, also exhibit agitate-heat, electrical static, and a radio crescendo; attracting attention.
K2o Maand geleden
You'd hope the amount we spend on theoretical physicist's at least 1 will be of Einstein's calibre... Just think back then they get paid hardly anything, yet still found ways to create the universe and quantum theory. Edit: I suppose Mr Hawkins is pretty much the closest we have...
Goth Angel Sinner
Goth Angel Sinner Maand geleden
Smilez Lordof
Smilez Lordof Maand geleden
I once asked on reddit if red giants could be born
granny goose
granny goose Maand geleden
And how do you know all of this? Are you guys gods?
Mark Susskind
Mark Susskind Maand geleden
catch ya in a googol millennia
WarhammerXLK Maand geleden
Literally no one cares about this right now 2020 with all the crap going on on our own Planet.
Goth Angel Sinner
Goth Angel Sinner Maand geleden
Then do something about it
White Star Line
White Star Line Maand geleden
Jana L.
Jana L. Maand geleden
what are you even talking about, this is interesting af. there's always sht like animal cruelty, poverty, diseases etc. going on here, no matter the year.
Menno Jansen
Menno Jansen Maand geleden
Speak for yourself.
Shellion brown
Shellion brown Maand geleden
I love stars 🌟
view youtube
view youtube Maand geleden
evet madde sonsuzdur (yersen) veya karadeliklerden kaçarsa....
EyesOfByes Maand geleden
4:08 *Don't go quietly into the night*
Oshin Haroon Gill
Oshin Haroon Gill Maand geleden
Imagine it was so easy to reach closer to any massive star 🌟
john mccart
john mccart Maand geleden
The God's are Magnificent in Love, Creation and Fecundity.
john mccart
john mccart Maand geleden
@Janeliz Alvarez You may well be right and I doff my cap to you.
Janeliz Alvarez
Janeliz Alvarez Maand geleden
There is only one God the other “god’s” aren’t real they are fake the Devil made them the only God you need is in Heaven with Jesus Christ sitting on the right side of God throne and his angels
amalia dayna
amalia dayna Maand geleden
Quantum Qubits
TuxedoedErmine Naswall
TuxedoedErmine Naswall Maand geleden
Go watch scott manley. Far more informative if you wanna learn absolutely everything
liz impey
liz impey 28 dagen geleden
TuxedoedErmine Naswall 😁👍
Pax Maand geleden
good morning
Modernize Purple pen
Modernize Purple pen Maand geleden
Good morning
Ufo Kush
Ufo Kush Maand geleden
Hey there
Modernize Purple pen
Modernize Purple pen Maand geleden
Good morning
Sandy Husacek
Sandy Husacek Maand geleden
Good mornin! ☕
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