How Did This Sailor Get Mummified In The Middle Of The Ocean? | Jeremy Wade: Mysteries Of The Deep

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A sailor dies from a heart attack whilst at sea and is found a month later, perfectly preserved and mummified. But how did a process that requires a lack of moisture occur in the middle of an ocean?
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Alina McPherson
Alina McPherson 28 dagen geleden
I love that Jeremy Wade is back 😄😁😘
Samuel Parker
Samuel Parker Maand geleden
This proves that it DOESN'T take twice as long or the way that scientists thought! The man IS the proof. Science FAILS yet again! Says this believer in the MOST HIGH and creation. Evolution IS a lie, and they know that.
brock ragni
brock ragni Maand geleden
I only have one idea that could explain this problem. How long was he really out at sea?
Ryan Yee
Ryan Yee 3 maanden geleden
Guess you could say:he got too salty
Benjamin Totallynotalt
Benjamin Totallynotalt 3 maanden geleden
Why am i here? Why am i voluntarily terrifying myself?
Travis Robbins
Travis Robbins 3 maanden geleden
ALL The Salt In The Air From The Ocean, Plus The Ocean Spray From The Boat Smacking Into Waves!! But They Was Definitely On Something When They Talked About The Salt From The Ocean, But There's Also A Lot Of Salt In The Air, As Well As The Salt From The Spray Off The Ocean!
Justin Case
Justin Case 3 maanden geleden
If you want to know the truth about knowers Ark what actual footage from 2020 of knowers Ark 14,000 feet up on Mount Ararat link below
j s
j s 3 maanden geleden
whats the big deal? it's just like drying out fish! human fishjerky!
noel hutchins
noel hutchins 3 maanden geleden
he was mummified by cathode used to preserve the ship hull
Renee Catagnus
Renee Catagnus 3 maanden geleden
Never heard of this, before!! Thank You!!
Z1BABOUINOS 3 maanden geleden
DementedBone 3 maanden geleden
0:41 he caught the woah
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel 14 dagen geleden
God, I feel horrible for laughing so loud at that!
Jolene Vilis
Jolene Vilis 3 maanden geleden
I said salt before the video did. I guess that I was right.
Jay Pastrana
Jay Pastrana 3 maanden geleden
It's salt.. It's always salt.
Raymund Turner
Raymund Turner 3 maanden geleden
Hey Jeremy are you done fishing? Is there gonna be a dark waters season 2?
dana howard
dana howard 3 maanden geleden
👽 aliens 🤔
Susan Wahl
Susan Wahl 3 maanden geleden
Him 3 maanden geleden
The sad and depressing thing is even if you're dead people won't leave you the fuck alone. No one said these people want to be taken pictures of (or put in a fucking museum) and put on Internet and then talked about them dead, not alive.
Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar 3 maanden geleden
Oh my god how could that person just take a photo of him and not help him?! People make me sick.
Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar 3 maanden geleden
@Hannah Briggs If they had displayed some humanity he wouldn't have become a corpse in the first place! That poor man slowly became a mummy while everyone else just sat by and watched.
Hannah Briggs
Hannah Briggs 3 maanden geleden
Vic Vinegar a lot of the time it’s way more effort to “rescue” the corpses - like the people who die on Mount Everest - if you want to go down there or spend money to go get him out 🤷🏼‍♀️ do it, but the cons outweigh the pros
Lost Again
Lost Again 3 maanden geleden
@Malaysian Tropikfusion You would be surprised at the amount of people I've run into online who would *actually* say that 😅
Malaysian Tropikfusion
Malaysian Tropikfusion 3 maanden geleden
@Lost Again You seriously had to *ask* ? 😆
Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar 3 maanden geleden
@Lost Again Trolling?! How could I make fun of such a shocking display of neglect of a man in trouble?! They just sat there and watched him become mummified. Disgusting.
K A 3 maanden geleden
DementedBone 3 maanden geleden
It was kinda your fault clicking the video
Jon Gill
Jon Gill 3 maanden geleden
The use of the word “perhaps” suggests they have no idea. Pure guesswork.
DaSpineLessFish 3 maanden geleden
brokennoah 3 maanden geleden
gantendo 3 maanden geleden
oh he's the lost sailor that they found adrift somewhere near one of the islands of mindanao philippines
gantendo 3 maanden geleden
@Kuroji he was a german and he was last seen in 2009 and fishermen found his boat w/ broken sail on 2015, it was on the news here
Kuroji 3 maanden geleden
really? interesting
ป๋องแป้ง แห่งความหลัง
ป๋องแป้ง แห่งความหลัง 3 maanden geleden
JP 3 maanden geleden
Me: Everyone in the comments: me: sees Jeremy wade *click*
Lion Studios
Lion Studios 3 maanden geleden
Look in the door
Kayne Fryday
Kayne Fryday 3 maanden geleden
Hasn’t he got fish to wax lyrical about?
Vivek Maharaj
Vivek Maharaj 3 maanden geleden
Go back to catching fish.
Zenox 3 maanden geleden
Vivek Maharaj 😂
sass Mate
sass Mate 3 maanden geleden
Didn’t I watch this yesterday? How was it only just uploaded
Faittastic 3 maanden geleden
*sees Jeremy Wade* *_Clicc_*
Anthony Concepcion
Anthony Concepcion 3 maanden geleden
PAV 01
PAV 01 3 maanden geleden
I miss Jeremy Wade.
Mario Fransisko
Mario Fransisko 3 maanden geleden
He died peacefully without shit people around him
Rupert Debear
Rupert Debear 3 maanden geleden
Must of had aids
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